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PUBG: New State is Here, Watch Gameplay Trailer, Maps Details, New Weapons, Vehicles and more

PUBG: New State is Here, Watch Gameplay Trailer, Maps Details, New Weapons, Vehicles and Many more
PUBG: New State is Here, Watch Gameplay Trailer, Maps Details, New Weapons, Vehicles and Many more

PUBG: New State release date is rapidly approaching, and new information about the game has surfaced. The final Technical Test for the game is already underway, which will just add to the excitement.

It’s primarily a battle royale game, but there are additional game modes and linkages to the rest of the PUBG universe, which has been added to the game via updates. There’s a schedule for updates, as well as a season system with tiers and enough to do.

The plot of PUBG: NEW STATE

The year 2051 is the setting for New State, which allows players to go into the future from the original PUBG Mobile game. It’s based in the same universe as PUBG Mobile, but this game is essentially a development of the original Battlegrounds, allowing players to experience what occurs in the future while blending modern and classic aspects.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Troi, which is located just outside of Lansing, Michigan. It’s a brand-new map for PUBG fans. Behind the scenes of the game, Krafton has woven a tale in which civic society has broken down and fragmented into groups. The hunters emerge at this point, and Troi devolves into anarchy, which is where the players find themselves.

Weapons and Adjustment

In New State, a wide choice of weaponry will be available, including both modern and historic weapons. There’s been a lot of discussion about gunplay and how the weapons would handle, including things like dynamic recoil based on how the weapons are fired.

Every weapon in New State may be customized, and updates will include new possibilities so you can keep evolving your favorites. Those alterations aren’t simply ornamental; they’ll also affect how the weapon performs.

Improvement in Graphics

There has been a lot of discussion on next-generation graphics. Krafton has made it clear that it intends to push the boundaries of mobile gaming by employing Global Illumination rendering for improved realism and intensity. However, after reviewing the game, it is evident that Krafton was heavily influenced by the graphics set of PUBG PC or Battlegrounds.

Drones and Partner Respawn

Drones will play a larger role in the future since it is the future. One of the most important functions that drones will play is resupply. On the map, you’ll be able to loot Drone Credits and then summon a resupply drone to provide the items you need. If you’re in a group, you’ll be able to pool your credits to purchase larger products.

Because supplies are delivered by drone, the standard PUBG flare gun is no longer available. Green flares will allow you to summon troops in New State. If a member of your squad is killed, you can use a flare to bring them back into the game as a reinforcement – they drop back into the map to continue playing, similar to Call of Duty Mobile.

New Addition in Vehicles

Some of the cars are familiar from PUBG:M, but with more futuristic decor. The year 2051 appears to be a sea of blue leds, with electric vehicles confirmed for silent driving, but you’ll still be able to get behind the wheel of a noisy motorcycle.

There will be plenty of electric cars, which will provide you with extremely quick acceleration – as electric cars are known for – but the charge will deplete faster when you leave the game area, i.e. when you enter the blue zone.

New Maps

  • Troi
  • Erangel
  • Station
  • Training Ground

At the debut, there will be four maps, with Troi serving as the main map. Troi will be an 8x8km map, the same size as Erangel, therefore it will be quite large. That’s a terrific start because games with large areas are more enjoyable. On this map, there are a variety of locales fusing open space and urban areas, with most of them in some state of degradation.

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