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PUBG Mobile Tesla launches new event called the “Tesla Future Leap”

PUBG Mobile Tesla

PUBG Mobile launched a new event called the “Tesla Future Leap” event. They announced on Twitter today about the new event related to the Tesla partnership. PUBG Mobile and Tesla partnered to launch new events and rewards for its players sometime back. New events related to the Tesla collaboration have been coming every now and then. Yet again, we see another event launched by PUBG Mobile called the “Tesla Future Leap” event. This event includes daily missions for players to complete in order to win a special permanent backpack in the game.

In the event “Tesla Future Leap”, players need to complete various types of daily missions to win a permanent legendary backpack. The design of the backpack is very futuristic and attractive, inspired by the collaboration with the electric vehicle founder and manufacturer company, Tesla.

PUBG Mobile Tesla event details

The Tesla Leap event will be live from the 27th of July till the 10th of August 2021. Players can participate in the event to win a free backpack called “Heart of the sea” in the game. Players need to complete daily missions which will be refreshed every 24 hours and run the Tesla car around the map to earn more points.

By completing daily missions, players earn batteries that can be used to charge the Tesla car and move it around the road map of the event. After players complete one lap, the Tesla Model Y car will be replaced with a cybertruck and eventually with the legendary Tesla Roadster.

What are the rewards of this event?

Apart from the legendary “Heart of the sea” backpack, there are more rewards that players can redeem in this event by using the event points earned. The rewards along with its worth are mentioned below:

  • 1 Supply crate coupon for 20 event points
  • 1 classic crate coupon for 40 event points
  • The Cosmic Pop Vector skin (15 days duration) for 80 event points
  • Heart of the Sea backpack for 100 event points

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