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Pubg Mobile Season 13 Royal Pass: New theme, bigger rewards and much more

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As Season 12 of Pubg Mobile is left for more than 4 weeks. Leaks of the upcoming season 13 royal pass have already been out by some YouTubers. If the said things are right, we will see some cool stuff in the season.

The main theme of the season will be based on “Toys Playground” i.e. it will be inspired by the toys that take you into the flashback memories of your childhood. The skins of the guns and costumes of the character will be based out on famous toys. Power Rangers set is one of them as reported in the leaks and some of them will look a lot like robots.

One more set will come with the update, named as “Tribal Treasure” which will have a cool looking outfit with a Ram skull as a headgear. Some more addition will be made like a leather set with the addition of some padding, a unique headgear, a parachute skin, an AUG skin and more. You will also get some exciting skins of your favourite cars like Dacia, Buggy, UAZ and Motorcycle.

One of the most preferred SMG, Vector will get a new colourful gun skin which has been inspired by Lego. P92 pistol will also get the skin based on it. The royal pass buyers will get an opportunity to choose between two sets, the Lava Superman or the Flash Superman as a reward for reaching 100RP. As we have already mentioned the sets will look like Power Rangers.

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