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PUBG Mobile RPM2 Royal Pass: The Project T, Rewards and much more

PUBG Mobile Season 2

PUBG Mobile RPM2 Royal Pass: The Project T, Theme, Levels, Reward much more. In PUBG Mobile, a new season of the royal pass has been announced. The rewards appear to be quite exciting, and the Royal Pass is appealing to the audience. After being announced, the new season has made the game more exciting and hyped-up. Worldwide, Pubg mobile is one of the most popular battle-royale games.

There will be two cycles a year. The first cycle will be named Cycle 1 Season 1 and the second cycle will be Cycle 2 Season 1. The next season is expected to run for a month. A new reward will be added to the game every month in conjunction with the new season.

PUBG Mobile RPM2: PROJECT T, Rewards, and more

Yesterday, which is August 12th, 2021, PROJECT T began and will last until September 13th, 2021. A great deal of legendarily designed outfits and skins are available this season. Compared to the previous ranking method, the RP Rank will now go up to 50 instead of 100.

Purchasing unknown cash and a Royal Pass

It costs 360 unknown cash or INR 455 to buy 385 unknown cash with the regular elite pass. At present, the elite pass plus costs 900 unknown cash or 1130 INR, which can be exchanged for 985 unknown cash.

The list of rewards that you will be able to earn in the Royal Pass is as follows

  • Marine Marauder – UZI
  • Marine Predator Cover
  • Lapis Barrier Backpack
  • Marine Predator Parachute
  • Ready emote
  • Marine Marauder – Airplane
  • RP Badge (M2)
  • Marine Predator Grenade and Marine Marauder Emote
  • Alien Technology – QBZ
  • Marine Marauder – M24
  • Marine Marauder Set

You will get these awesome rewards when you purchase the PUBG Mobile RPM2 Royal Pass: PROJECT F. You can purchase the Royal Pass using UC (PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency), or you can top up with a real money account. 

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