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PUBG Mobile: PMPL Sea Championship Season 3 Day 2 Standings


The top 16 teams from the entire South East Asia are here and participating in the Pmpl SEA S3 championship. All the teams are battling to secure the highest points and become the champions. They also will be competing to secure their spot in the top 2 positions in the championship and detain their slot in Pmpl Sea S4 championship.

PMPL SEA Championship Season 3: Day 2 Summary

Today we witnessed a total of 6 matches in the PMPL sea championship season 3 day 2. In the very first match, IQ INFINITY emerged as the winners, where they had a decent 6 kills in their pocket with a chicken dinner in the very first round of the Pmpl Sea Day 2. Demigod incognito finished second with 6 kills with them. Infinity finished at third position with a single kill.

In the second match, Eagle Esports proved the name by dominating the map with 7 kills and taking a chicken dinner with them. Meanwhile, Join me Yellow finished at second position with a 14 kill domination while Livescape finished at third position with 14 kills, and both the teams at the second and third position were equally deserving for the chicken dinner mark.

Team Evos reborn and Orange play were constantly moving and climbing the table while Orange play secured a chicken dinner in the match 3 of day 2 with exhilarating 9 kills with them. In round 4, Aura esports tried to increase the lead by consistency with their third chicken dinner with 9 kills while sitting at the first position in overall charts. In the 5th match of the PMPL sea s3 day 2 RSG MALAYSIA emerged and got 8 kill decent chicken dinner and proving their worth. Meanwhile, Infinity IQ followed them at second position with 9 kills in the very last game of the day.

PMPL SEA CHAMPIONSHIP Season 3: Day 2 overall standings

  • Aura Esports – 133 Points
  • The Infinity – 121 Points
  • Orange PLAY – 113 Points
  • EVOS Reborn – 108 Points
  • LIVESCAPE – 107 Points
  • Infinity IQ – 100 Points
  • Bigetron RA –100 Points
  • Geek Fam MY – 87 Points
  • Eagle Esport – 80 Points
  • JoinMe Yellow – 80 Points
  • Dingoz MPX – 72 Points
  • RSG Malaysia – 67 Points
  • HVNB – 64 Points
  • Valdus The Murder – 63 Points
  • FaZe Clan – 51 Points

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