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PUBG MOBILE: PMPL Arabia Season 1 Superweekend Week 1 Day 1 Standings

PMPL Arabia

The top 16 teams from the PMPL Arabia Season 1 week 1 League play qualified for the Super weekend Week 1 where we witnessed the commencement of Day 1 of Super weekend. Total 5 matches took place on the first day of Super weekend, while 10 matches will take place in the next two days. Falcons Esports is leading the leaderboard with 83 points after Super weekend Week 1 Day 1 matches. ALPHA Legends and NASR Esports are holding the second and third positions respectively.

PMPL Arabia Season 1: Super weekend Week 1 Day 1 Summary

The Super weekend matches started today where Falcons Esports secured the very first chicken dinner of the day. They secured a total of 22 points in the match while securing 7 kills. Falcons Esports who secured the first chicken dinner finished at second place with 6 kills at Match 2. Alpha Legends got the chicken dinner in the second match of Super weekend Week 1 Day 1. They secured total of 8 kills in the match.

Raad Esports finished in first place at the third match of Day 1 of Super weekend week 1. The team has shown an amazing performance in the match and secured 11 kills. NASR Esports came up with the dominant performance in the second last game of Day. They secured 12 kills and get a total of 27 points in the match. In the last match of PMPL Arabia Season 1 Super weekend Week 1 Day 1, Falcons Esports showed an outstanding performance. The team has not only secured the chicken dinner in the match but also got 18 kills in the match.

PMPL Arabia Season 1: Super weekend Week 1 Day 1 OVERALL STANDINGS

  • Falcons Esports – 83 Points
  • ALPHA Legends – 78 Points
  • NASR Esports – 61   Points
  • GUNZ ESPORT – 59  Points
  • RAAD Esports – 44 Points
  • Rico Infinity Team – 38 Points
  • YaLLa Esports  – 36 Points
  • Road To Glory Esports –  32 Points
  • iKURD E-SPORTS – 28 Points
  • ARAB GSG –  25 Points
  • Zombies Esports – 25 Points
  • SCYTES Esports  – 23 Points
  • Real Tiger9 – 22 Points
  • HOTLINE Esports – 17 Points
  • Flare Loyal Team – 15 Points
  • Sudor Esports – 10 Points

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