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PUBG MOBILE: PMGC week 1, Super Weekend Day 1 overall Standing, Kill Leaders

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PMGC super weekend started with top 16 teams from 24 teams that competed with each other in the weekdays to enter the Super Weekend that fans have been waiting for, and became a determination for the teams to qualify for the Grand Finals. A whopping $700,000 prize pool is available for this stage and a total of 24 teams battle it out to win the lion’s share. Today’s matches were played on following maps.

  • Erangel
  • Vikendi
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Erangel

The first match of the super weekend started with Erangel. The day started with the chicken dinner from the Chinese team, Four Angry Men who got their second chicken dinner at PMGC 2020 with the freaking 18 kills. ASL gaming from Nepal also showed decent performance after such a bad start of PMGC. Four Angry Men completely dominated this match.

Second Match was held on the map of Vikendi, Alpha7 esports secured chicken dinner with 6 kills. 3rd match, Team Secret from Malaysia won the heated map of Miramar with 9 kills followed by RRQ, RRQ was off the track as per today’s games. Map of the jungle that is Sanhok was conquered by Konina power, A team from the land of terrain- Kazakhstan with 9 kills.

The last match of the day was again Erangel, Klas Digital Athletics from Turkey stole the show with descent 7 kills. Struggling Nova-XQF finally did comeback in this game and climbed the points table.

Consistent performance from 4 AM leads them to top the table, Champions of consistency BTR lost their rhythm today and hoping for a good comeback in subsequent games. 

At the end of the day overall standing as follows:
  1. Four Angry Men – 79
  2. Klas Digital Athletics – 63
  3. RRQ Athena – 45
  4. NOVA XQF – 45
  5. Bigetron Red Aliens -38
  6. Alpha7 Esports – 37
  7. POWER888 KPS  – 36
  8. Abrupt Slayers – 34
  9. Team Secret – 32
  10. Konina Power – 31
  11. Loops Esports – 30
  12. Secret Jin – 28
  13. Aerowolf Limax – 26
  14. Futbolist – 23
  15. EXECUTE – 22
  16. Blue Bees – 17


PUBGM announced a changing in Tie-Breaker rules, from now on according to this, if 2 teams have the same amount of points, priority will be for :
1. Number of WWCD
2. Total Placement points
3. Total kills points
4. The most recent match placement

That’s the same reason why RRQ is ahead of NV-XQF in PMGC league Day 1 table despite having low kills than NOVA XQF.

At the end of the day overall Kills Leaders as follows:
  • ‍4 AM Hasaki- 13Kills
  • DA.SYLASS  -13 Kills
  •  UHighBoy- 11 Kills
  • 33SVAN – 10 Kills
  • Paraboy – 10 Kills
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