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PUBG Mobile Month 22 Royale Pass Leaks: Check rewards, Release Date, and more

PUBG Mobile Month 22 Royale Pass Leaks: Check rewards, Release Date, and more

PUBG Mobile Month 22 Royale Pass Leaks: The M21 Royale pass of PUBG Mobile is already rolling in the field with enormous items and features. Players now are excited to level up and grab all the rewards before others. With every update in the game comes several changes like weapon mechanism, new addition, vibrant Royale pass theme, and more about PUBG Mobile RPM22. Overall, the M21 is totally amazing in its way. On the other hand, players are eagerly waiting for the next season i.e for M22, and have already started exploring it.

PUBG Mobile Month 22 Royale Pass Leaks: Check rewards, Release Date, and more

As per the game’s format, a new RP season gets featured in the game after the conclusion of the current one. The developers are far more advanced than us, they have already started executing the testing of M22 to make it quite playable and exciting. 

As usual, Month 22 will also incorporate two variants. For more exclusive and premium items, they need to head towards the Premium Pass section by spending some in-game currency. Moreover, those who can’t afford it can go with the Free pass where they can grab some average rewards absolutely at no cost. Head towards our story to know the latest information about the upcoming M22 Royale Pass leaks. Follow us for more updates.

As per the ion-game format and other leaks, the awaited Month 22 Royale Pass is expected to be kicked off on 21st April 2023, at 2:00 am UTC. Those who are willing to buy the pass must know that they have to spend 360 UC for Premium Royale Pass and 960UC for Premium Royale Pass Plus.

Here the only difference between the two premium ones is that the Royale Pass plus allows individuals to grab all the Royale Pass items instantly without even completing the given missions. Here is the list of the upcoming PUBG Mobile RPM22 items:

  • RP Rank 1: Rogue Kitty Set together with Pirate Compass Pan.
  • RP Rank 10: Palate Guard Backpack skin.
  • RP Rank 15: Pirate Compass Ornament, RP Avatar (M22) together with Celebratory Dance Emote.
  • RP Rank 20: Golden Glaze Frag Grenade together with Crimson Ancient Memories Parachute.
  • RP Rank 23: Legendary Cover.
  • RP Rank 25: Suave Buccaneer Set.
  • RP Rank 30: Golden Wings Buggy Finish together with Aureate Splendor Emote.
  • RP Rank 35: Prairie King G36C.
  • RP Rank 40: Bright Sky Groza.
  • RP Rank 50: Aureate Splendor Set along with Aureate Splendor Cover.

The above-mentioned items are just leaks and are expected to get witnessed in the next update. So, players must wait for the official announcement for more authentic information.

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