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PUBG Mobile introduced THE RADIANT EDGE-M164A: How to get an amazing skin of M164A

PUBG Mobile introduced THE RADIANT EDGE M164A: How to get skin?
PUBG Mobile introduced THE RADIANT EDGE M164A: How to get skin?PUBG Mobile introduced THE RADIANT EDGE M164A: How to get skin?

PUBG Mobile introduced THE RADIANT EDGE-M164A: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile- the world-famous battle royale game launched in 2018 took the world to its feet after its initial launch. The game forever changed the mobile gaming industry and no other game could do that. Being one of the most played and watched games around the world the game never disappointed in terms of in-game decorative items. Exclusive gun skins, premium clothing, and classic rewards in royal pass. Krafton and Tencent try to provide the best possible gaming experience.

Pakistan one of the major mobile-oriented gaming sectors and one of the major markets of PUBG- mobile in the world. The audience base is in millions in Pakistan and in-game purchases exceed a million-dollar market in Pakistan. So to continue the enthusiasm going and keep the audience more intact and more excited Pubg mobile introduces a new in-game skin for the mid to long-range shooting gun, one of the fan favorites “The M164A” the finish is named as “THE RADIANT EDGE-M164A.”


How to get Radiant Edge M16A4 in PUBG Mobile?

The skin will be available through crate opening from 27th June as announced by the official page of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile-Pakistan in a post mentioning: “The Radiant Edge M16A4 is coming online this Sunday! Stay tuned to PubG Mobile! Download to come to Summerland!”

The M164A skin is upgradable with beauty added to it with every level it comes with its own custom kill message and kills crate. The skin in its base variant is rusty red in appearance and has rusty flame-like shades on it. Once upgraded to the maximum level its appearance changes to a greenish-yellow dragon-face covering the gun barrel.

About PUBG Mobile

It is the mobile version of the original PlayerUnknown’s Battleground initially released for computers it is an intense mobile game where 100 players drop out at once on a map and last standing is awarded “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” players can play it in solo mode, duo mode or squad mode. It also features zombie mode and a 4v4 deathmatch in its arsenal.

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