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Pubg Mobile India: Playing Time Limit, Green Blood, Old Data, All Changes You Need to Know


Since the long ban of 2 months finally the developer of the game, PUBG Corporation announced the launch of a brand new game PUBG Mobile India which will be specifically created for the Indian gaming market. This news comes after PUBG Corporation’s parent company, Krafton, announced a global partnership with Microsoft Azure last week to ensure “personal data protection”.

As per information both PUBG mobile India and Pubg Mobile Korea version will have the same parent organization that is Korea based Pubg Corp., therefore similarities can be drawn between them.

In a statement released by Pubg Corporation, it has mentioned that PUBG Mobile India will be a separate game and will be toned down to “reflect the needs and preferences of Indian users”.

  • The usual background will be changed to a virtual simulation training ground.
  • In Pubg Mobile India version newer character costumes will be automatically installed, initially, they used to wear undergarments only and costumes were produced later.
  • PUBG Mobile is confirmed to have a green bloodstain effect. This is a point to avoid a further clash with lawmaker regarding “Violent Nature of game”.

Green Color Blood effect (ref. Game Of Peace)

  • There will a time-limit To Ensure “Healthy use by teenagers”. Simply means an underage will not able to access the game after the decided time limit.
  • With the  Massive $100M investment the structure of esports can potentially change with time.

It appears PUBG Corp. is playing it safe in India. Despite the fact that the game was prohibited for information security reasons, PUBG Mobile has recently confronted a ton of examination for its claimed “addictive and brutal nature.”

Ashish Jha
Ashish is a passionate writer in the gaming and esports industry, and an Anime geek, fueled by coding, coffee, and late-night game sessions.

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