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PUBG Mobile Guide: M416 Attachments, Statistics, Pros and Cons


PUBG Mobile is one the world-famous battle royale game ever launched for mobile gamers. Gamers who love to spend time while playing with their friends, need to know more about the types of guns they can use in-game. So, We are back with another PUBG Mobile weapons Tier Guide. The guns in PUBG Mobile are sub-categorized into different types such as Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, DMRs, SMGs, Shotguns, and many more. We have brought you another guide on one of the best Assault Rifle Guns, M416 used by the PUBG Mobile players.


M416 M416 is one of the most used Assault Rifle Guns in PUBG Mobile. This 5.56mm loaded gun can be found around all places on the map. The gun can be used as a primary or secondary weapon by the players due to its easy accessibility. It has a magazine size of 30 bullets which further can be increased (40) by attaching Extended Mag. The gun can be used in two modes: Single and Auto.


*Weapons are Ranked from highest to lowest (ex. S,A,B,C,D,E)


  • Power – 41/100
  • Rate of Fire – 75/100
  • Range – 56/100
  • Capacity – 30/100
  • Stability – 63/100
  • Weapon Class – Assault Rifle
  • Ammo Type – 5.56mm
  • Mode – Single/Auto


Besides the power, range, and modes, players could also enhance the abilities of the guns by adding various types of attachments to the gun. M416 can equip 5 types of attachments: muzzle, sight, magazine, stock, and side scope. Let’s take a look at them.


M416 can be equipped with three types of muzzle – Compensator, Suppressor, and Flash Hider. The best muzzle for the gun is Compensator as it helps in reducing Horizontal Recoil and Vertical Recoil. The players could also use suppressors in the last circle fights to reduce the gun noise.


The game offers various types of scopes that could be attached to the guns. M416 can be attached with Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 6x Scope. The majority of the players use Red Dot Sight for close-ranged fights. Whereas in long-range fights, professional players convert the 6x scope to 3x scope and spray down the enemy. As it reduces down the recoil of the gun.


There are six types of foregrips that could be attached to the gun. Here is the list – Vertical, Angled, Thumb, Half, Light, Laser. Vertical and Half are the most commonly used grips by the players.


The game provides three types of magazines that could be attached to the gun. Extended Mag (AR), Quickdraw Mag (AR), and Extended Quickdraw Mag (AR). Although, Quickdraw Extended Mag is recommended, as it reduces reload time and increases the magazine capacity of the gun.


PUBG Mobile only gives one option as a stock to be added to the gun. Tactical Stock is used to reducing felt recoil as well as making steady aiming easier for the players.


Side scope act as a new scope for weapons which comes with a secondary scope slot. This majorly helps the players if they are into close and long fights together. M416 can be equipped with Canted Sight.



  • Easy to control recoil.
  • Faster reload speed.
  • Best gun for close and long-range.
  • Moderate rate of fire.


  • Lower damage than 7.62mm guns.
  • Bad iron sights.
Ayush Hemdan
Yush is an engineer, gamer, esports enthusiast and a writer by hobby. He has been following esport gaming from a couple of years making him immensely knowledgeable in this field.

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