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Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2020, New Version 1.0 Announced

Pubg Mobile
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Finally, we have all the information regarding the long-awaited Pubg Mobile announcement featuring the new version of the game “1.0” and the biggest esports event “Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2020“.

We have been around for 3 years and we’d like to thank all our players for the love and support they have shown. We believe a smooth combat experience & classic gameplay for the core value of our players. Therefore, we continue to challenge ourselves, with the hopes of bringing new and improved play styles & experiences for our players.

Pubg Mobile


As we all know the motto of the Pubg Mobile esports “Mobility, Accessibility and Lifestyle“. The team believe in providing equal chances to the players and reach new heights in mobile esports.

Pubg Mobile

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This year teams from more than 150+ countries across 16 regions participated in the Pubg Mobile Club Open. A tournament for semi-pro players and saw a combined registration from Spring and Fall reached over 120K. The PMPL held across 7 regions reached the viewership of over 28M+ hours.

Besides this, the recently finished Pubg Mobile World League had 40 pro teams from the East and West regions. Which gathered a peak concurrent live watching over 1.1M. Highest for any mobile esports game till now.

Due to the COVID 19 situation all over the world. The team had to merge the World League and World Championship into a major event. Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2020 will be the biggest mobile esports event which will include pro teams from all the regions including NA, SEA and CHINA. The event will be called Season 0 and start in late November after the completion of Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020.

The total prize pool of Global Championship Season 0 will be of 2M USD. The highest for any individual Pubg Mobile event.

The Pubg Mobile team also announced the addition of some exciting features in the upcoming updates.


The new version of the game will witness a complete upgrade within the game. New tech will be implemented with some high-end graphics and a new user interface will be provided to the players. It will be new gameplay for the new era with some mysterious surprises which will be revealed on Sep 8 2020, in the coming update. Here is some information related to version 1.0.

Version 1.0

Image Via Pubg Mobile

  • Character Improvements
  • Upgrade In-game Graphics – Improvement in particles, smoke, air blasts, muzzle flashes
  • Addition of scope interactions, making it more realistic
  • Upgraded Environment – which will include physically based rendering, Image-based lighting and spotlight projection
  • New UX – Interactive lobby, Improved system animations
Pubg Mobile

Image Via Pubg Mobile

The new update will also have an innovative multi-screen switching mode. Games, community and purchases have been separated into 3 different spaces. Enabling quick and easy access for the players in-game.

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