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PUBG Mobile Gets Device Ban Feature: Krafton finally introduces the device ban for hackers

PUBG Mobile Device Ban: PUBG Mobile is introducing a DEVICE BAN Feature
PUBG Mobile Device Ban: PUBG Mobile is introducing a DEVICE BAN Feature

PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile Gets Device Ban Feature: Check Details: PUBG Mobile has been one of the best mobile battle royale games ever. However, there is one problem, hackers. You can find hackers in almost every multiplayer game and these cheaters just play to destroy others’ hard work. Nevertheless, to make it easier and fair for the players, the PUBG Mobile developers have implemented device bans. This is one of the most community-requested features.

PUBG Mobile Developers adds Device Ban Feature in the game.

To deal with the cheaters and the hackers, the developers have now added the Device Ban feature in the game. This is an amazing feature in every way. If the system of PUBGM finds any hacker, the player’s device instead of the game I’d be banned. That means that if a player uses any kind of hack and the developers detect it, the hacker’s device will be banned and he won’t be able to log in or create any other new account on that device.

This feature is made to maintain a fair competitive environment. Moreover, this feature will be a lot useful as the players will be able to experience a cheat-free environment. The developers will be identifying the users who hack and continue to ruin the game. Once a device is banned and considered as being used for hacking purposes, it will be not possible to create a new account or log in through that device.

Also, the devices that are considered as being used for cheating will be banned permanently. This device ban will not be lifted. If a device is banned, the account will not be affected as long as it can be used normally.

That said, this surely is very huge step by the developers. This feature will not only ban the current hackers but also refrain from the players who are thinking of hacking. This step is surely going to improve the gameplay experience of players by a lot.

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