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PUBG Mobile: Frost Festival Update To Be Out Soon

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is likely to release the Frost Festival on December 11 where we might see a new winter mode. In this update, players will enjoy the new features and Frost Festival mode in the map of Erangel.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale game in the world. The game has gained a large number of following and players to enjoy the game with a reputed esports scene as well. The reason behind the game trending, is regular and innovative updates of the game which released by developers time by time. As we have witnessed a new winter mode last year, again this year they are coming with a brand new winter mode. The Frost Festival mode will be part of the winter season to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

This mode will include a large number of exclusive, and special features which will be added to PUBG Mobile. Let’s take a look at the details of the upcoming features in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile

1. Erangel- Frost Festival mode

With the upcoming update, PUBG Mobile will bring a new mode which will be placed in the classic mode of PUBG Mobile in the map of Erangel. In this mode, you will see in-game winter season and ice castles. You could find floating ice castles in the riversides in the map of Erangel.

2. Cozy Cabin Theme

We will see a brand new background theme in the lobby which will be added after this winter update in PUBG Mobile. You can use this theme for a limited time where the theme will automatically expire after 60 days. This theme will be available for all PUBG Mobile players after the update, you just need to login on the game.

PUBG Mobile

3. Snowman and Frozen Egg with Snowboard

Players can find the unique and special throwable items inside the floating ice castles. Players can use these throwables to appear snowman figure which will be used to taking guard against the enemies but this will be visible for a certain amount of time. As we saw last year, the players can do snowboarding on the ice in various part of the map. The map would be decorated with the Christmas trees at specific locations. We will again see the airdrops with Christmas theme decorated by Red and green lights.

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Note – The features listed in this article are based on Game for Peace (Chinese version of PUBG Mobile) where updates listed on this article might be or not included after the release of new update in the global version of the game. Will Take Care Of a Real Bear

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