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PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring LATAM In Game Qualifers Over


In-game qualifiers of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring has concluded recently for all regions and countries. We will talk about the PMCO LATAM 2021: Spring in this article.

Eight days long PMCO LATAM 2021 In-Game qualifiers has ended where all teams needed to play minimum 21 games. Best 8 games out of 21 matches were considered to determine the top teams that will be participating in the group stage of PUBG Mobile Club Open LATAM 2021: Spring. Let’s take a look at the list of the teams who will be participating in PMCO LATAM 2021: Spring.


  • 9z Team
  • Team SOG
  • Delta Stars
  • Royals of War
  • The Panthers
  • 4Kings Esports
  • Dylema Esports
  • Burn In Silence
  • Explicit Killers L.


  • Peek Gaming
  • Redsteel Esp
  • Indomables
  • Mezexis
  • Konoha Esports
  • M2W
  • Xtreme Nine
  • BLW SA
  • Quarry Team
  • Face 2 Face 2
  • BulucChabtan
  • South Esports
  • Los Reju
  • SWAT Esports
  • Legion War
  • War Machine
  • KOF2K2
  • Team U9
  • Rem Esports
  • Rush or Die
  • CMG
  • Team Cruelty
  • Suicide Imp

Matches of PMCO LATAM 2021: Spring Group Stage will be starting soon. The official team list is scheduled to be announced on 10th February, 2021.

Note: These 32 teams are not finalized because there is rechecking going on by the officials where they are checking the matches of all teams to clear the doubt of hacking, teaming or breaking any rules. Besides this, it is still not clear that PMCO LATAM 2021: Spring will have 24 teams or 32 teams in the group stage matches.

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