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PUBG Mobile and BGMI: Top 5 Ways to Use Smoke Grenades Properly

PUBG Mobile and BGMI: Top 5 Ways to Use Smoke Grenades Properly
PUBG Mobile and BGMI: Top 5 Ways to Use Smoke Grenades Properly

PUBG Mobile and BGMI: Top 5 Ways to Use Smoke Grenades Properly- PUBG Mobile and BGMI are now worldwide famous and one of the most desired titles ever in the gaming world.  The title’s popularity has risen very rapidly from the few updates and gamers are really spending the time and loving the game after the several changes made in the game. Moreover, the developers have added many extra items and features for the players with which they can use to get a better advantage in the battleground. Miner items such as grenades, Stickel, and pan also play a crucial role in the game. 

Furthermore, Smoke also plays a very life-supporting role for the players in several fights such as on revival time, aggressive fight moments, and more. Many gamers of BGMI and PUBG Mobile cannot make 100% idle use of the smoke, which has a huge effect on the battlefield. So, players no need to worry because they taught the players how to use the smoke grenade properly for their advantage.


PUBG Mobile and BGMI: Top 5 Ways to Use Smoke Grenades Properly

Make a cover but not permanent

Mainly, the smoke grenade gives the advantage to the players to build a temporary cover but they have to be very alert when entering the smoke. Mainly, the opponents can’t see you but they can predict and fire so always prone and heal or revive. Moreover, players can apply multiple clouds of smoke in the different spots to confuse the enemies and then the players can properly do their work.

Block Enemies

Always block or restrict the enemies by taking help from the surrounding object such as rock, drop or car so that they can’t get full accuracy to shoot you. Moreover, at the same time players can throw multiple smoke grenades to confuse them more and to blur their vision. This can highly affect the players to get disadvantage in several fights.

In Looting others crate or Drop

Many loot crates and airdrops are often present or dropped at the open field. At that time some grenades will provide a good advantage and also protect from the firing shots by the far aways enemies.

Advantage in Revival

Some play a very vital role in the revival. At several citations, allies get knocked in the open field where there is no cover. Therefore at that time smoke grenades will help in becoming the temporary cover and will give the advantage to successfully revive the teammates.

Confuse Enemies by deploying smoke grenades

In the case of comparative times, players must deploy an adequate amount of smokes on the open field to get a better advantage in distracting the opponents. This will distract the enemies and will help us to escape in other directions.

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