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PUBG Mobile 2.6 Update: The new Dinosaur themed mode, and more amazing content are on the way


PUBG Mobile 2.6 Update: The new Dinosaur themed mode, and more amazing content are on the way- After a lot of anticipation, the 2.6 update official news is on the way with a New Royale Pass, themed events and especially the new Crossover with the Ducati Superbikes. A lot of special features, content, and more have been included this time. Gamers are happy and are very excited to experience it. After a long wait players are going to witness a brand new. Collab in PUBG Mobile. Here players may need to spend some UCs on the upcoming themed events. 

PUBG Mobile 2.6 Update News: The new Dinosaur themed mode and more content are on the way

The  2.6 update will be globally pushed in the game today i.e. on 16th March and will continue for the following months. This time some themes will be merged to enrol the game with many exciting features.

Dinosaur Themed Mode

There will be three Dino Settlements randomly spawned on the map. The three dinosaurs will appear in the middle of the game.  It is expected that players will first witness the Tyrannosaurs, Pterosaurs in the middle, T- Rex in the last. Their appearance in the battleground may change with every match.

New Adjustments in weapons

The old Burst fire guns like M16A4, and MK47 will be finally automated in a new mode. After years of anticipation, users now can finally experience something overpowering and dashing in PUBG Mobile.

WoW Mode

In the Latest mode of World of Wonders, users can gradually experience some sort of advanced features including the teleportation device, Dinosaur Spawn Device, UAZ vehicle spawn device, and more. Apart from that some extra objects are also in the way such as Trampoline, Launcher, Conveyor Belt, and Boost Belt.

Moreover a new Parkour Gameplay mode. Here players will have to complete some levels. Each level will come up with a more difficult level. Among them, the one who finishes the end line first will be considered the winner.

The Cycle 4 Season 12 is coming soon along with the update. Users now can look for new seasonal rewards like gun skins, outfits and more. Stay tuned for more updates.

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