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PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Leaks: Squid Game Mode to be introduced soon

PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Leaks: Squid Game Mode to be introduced soon

PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Leaks: Squid Game Mode to be introduced soon – After a lot of anticipation, the 2.4 finally kicked off in the game. Many unique features, content, and more have been included this time. Hamers are literally happy and are very excited to experience it. Following the 2.4 updates in the game, some players are searching for leaks for the next update i.e 2.5. Players are excited for the next update because the leaks suggest that many new features will be introduced. 

Recently, some data miners have revealed some new modes from the alpha version which they are expecting to be witnessed in the 2.5 updates. Among those modes, A new Squid Game Mode was also leaked with a new theme and with exciting regulations. This mode has made a huge up on the whole community and fans are eagerly waiting for it in the next update. As of now, not many leaks have been out but the expectation for 2.5 is in the sky. Follow us for more updates.

PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Leaks: Squid Game Mode to be introduced soon

The 2.4 updates was released back on 6th January. So after the in-game format and other calculations, the 2.5 update is about to get released after two months i.e in mid-March 2023. Players who are still in the impending race can download the new version and explore the new features as soon as possible. The leaked Squid Game mode was inspired by a Netflix Web- Series named Squid Game, and its mode which is represented in the beta version is also taken from the same series.

Per the leaks and the Squid game’s regulations, users in the mode need to guess and jump on a mirror between the two. Here they need to try their luck because they need to jump into the right mirror. If they accidentally move to the wrong mirror, they will be instantly eliminated from the round. As the mode is in the testing period, its final quality has not yet come. So, users who are really looking for an interesting mode must try the Squid Game mode when it officially releases in the main version.

Some Leaks for the M20 Royale Pass Items:

  • RP 1: Bunny Uniform Set and Gilded Dragon Bone – Mosin-Nagant.
  • RP 5: Bunny Uniform Cover and Mission Card.
  • RP 10: Mousy Knockout Backpack and 500 BP.
  • RP 15: Jolly Momente emote, RP Avatar (M20), and Stone Figure Ornament.
  • RP 20: Cyber Detective Parachute and Gilded Tower Stun Grenade.
  • RP 23: Football Fever Cover.
  • RP 25: Football Fever Set and RP Badge (M20).
  • RP 30: Rash Shark Buggy and one emote (animation not revealed yet).
  • RP 35: Cosmic Ruin – UMP45.
  • RP 40: Telescopic Fist – DBS.
  • RP 50: Special sets.

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