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PUBG Mobile 1.8 Security System Upgrade introduced in the game

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Security System Upgrade introduced in the game
PUBG Mobile 1.8 Security System Upgrade introduced in the game

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Security System Upgrade introduced in the game: As part of the major crossover, Jujutsu Kaisen is appearing in the battlegrounds in PUBG Mobile 1.8. There have been a lot of hackers who have caused an issue in PUBG Mobile for a long time, however, players can’t deny that the authorities are improving their measures to combat the issue. Tencent is securing the battle-royale game by implementing mechanisms such as the Ban Pan system and Device Ban feature so as not to open the door for hackers and cheaters.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Security System Upgrade introduced in the game

Tencent announced earlier today that the PUBG Mobile 1.8 Security System has been upgraded, along with a number of other notable modifications. It introduced the new security system which allows the players to become the investigators and review the player’s profile if found suspicious. This new upgrade has several features: 

  • Understanding Investigators – Players can directly view the application requirements of an Investigator. Directly view videos for review from the player’s perspective. Thoroughly understand an Investor’s responsibilities.
  • Video Review Page adjustments – Video review exercise mode will be added and the final result will be displayed. It also displays key aspects Investigators look out for. After a review is completed, the player can check the Investigator’s team review results.
  • Investigator’s Oath – Players must swear an oath to join the Investigators. Players can view what exclusive Investigator titles and outfit rewards are available before swearing the oath.
  • Profile – The profile page of an investigator will clearly show review statistics and progress. Quickly view perks and rewards of different levels can also be seen. 
  • Flight Announcement – Regardless of investigator rank there will be an announcement at the flight stage notifying all players of the match of an Investigators’ presence. 

Due to the excessive amount of PUBG Mobile cheating content on Youtube, and in order to be able to efficiently catch everything, developers are enforcing a new automatic policy. If you have less than 1,000 subscribers, or if you have hidden your subscriber count and have less than 10,000 total channel views, they will automatically terminate your channel without reviewing your content if our automatic monitoring system detects certain cheating phrases in one of your videos’ title or description.

They have selected these specific thresholds based on our months of manual monitoring, confirming that 99% of the detected content in this range is cheating material. The rest is typically to boost views, by using said phrases, which they do not tolerate. Any appeals related to this will be rejected and the content not restored. You are not supposed to use such phrases in public videos for any reason. Please only upload unlisted videos when you intend to use them as evidence in cheater reports.

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