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PUBG MOBILE 1.7 Beta Update: New leaked features, modes, and other details

PUBG MOBILE 1.7 Beta Update: New leaked features, modes, and other details

PUBG Mobile 1.7 BETA Update is out now. There are certain new features added to the game like loot buildings, special airdrop summons, and much more. The 1.7 BETA Update is only available in “Game for peace” as of now. All updates and BETA testing programs are always launched earlier on the “Game for Peace”. However, the 1.7 BETA Update would soon be available in PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India as well. In this article, we will discuss the leaked features and additions to the 1.7 BETA Update.


Like mentioned earlier, the 1.7 BETA Update is currently not available on PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Hence, we have accumulated all the leaks and insider information from the players who play “Game for Peace”. The new game features different “Themed” loot locations where there is a loot box located at that place.

You need to reach the location and open the crate to collect all the loot inside it. The loot locations include famous drop locations like Mylta Power, Pochinki, Severny, and more. All these locations are marked on the in-game map with various symbols. Simply locate the buildings where you can find the loot box on the map.

Loot buildings are cool but do you want to know the best part of this BETA Update? There is also a theme park with various rides available for players in 3 different FPP Modes. The huge Theme-park is located near the Mylta city where players can go and enjoy. The rides include various roller coaster rides that can be played in 3 different FPP Modes (Eye’s view, Slight Character’s Body view, and Overall 3d Bird-eye view). All the rides are pretty cool and enjoyable. Especially when played in the FPP Eye’s View, it feels as though you’re experiencing the ride in real life!

Another significant feature of the 1.7 BETA Update is that when you summon Air Drops with a flare gun, a special fully equipped tank is ordered. The tank is a lethal vehicle that can be used to destroy your enemies as well! Yes, you heard that right. The tank comes with in-built explosives that it can shoot on your enemies. It deals massive area damage and can blow away your enemies in a second. Other features are pretty much normal and nothing special. Let us wait and see what all do we get in the 1.7 BETA Update when it comes to PUBG Mobile and BGMI respectively.

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