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PUBG MOBILE 1.6 Reunion Carnival event is live now, Win Red Rider set as reward

PUBG MOBILE 1.6 Reunion Carnival event is live now, Win Red Rider set

PUBG MOBILE 1.6 Reunion Carnival event is live now, You can choose which mode you want to bring back in the game and win Red Rider set! A new community event has been launched by Tencent for PUBG Mobile players known as the PUBG Mobile 1.6 Reunion Carnival event. With the 1.6 PUBG Mobile update, we will get to see newer content, 2 new Royale passes, and much more which has been kept a surprise by Tencent. But most importantly, the new community event gives you a chance to decide which game mode you want to bring back in PUBG Mobile.

Previously many game modes were launched, but they were removed later like the Vikendi map, Survive till dawn, Infection mode, etc which can be brought back now. In this article, we will discuss everything about the community event, its duration, and how to participate in it.


The new Reunion Carnival community event’s time period is from 31st of August 2021 – 7th of September 2021 respectively. Players need to participate within this specified time period to get their preferred game mode back in PUBG Mobile. Follow the steps given below to participate in the new community event:

  • Players need to submit a screenshot or memory of their favorite game mode which they want to bring back in the game by using its hashtag.
  • You need to share these screenshots or stories on your social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Make sure to use the hashtag #PUBGMMemory while posting your story or screenshot and include the hashtag of the game mode as well like: (#vikendi, #metroroyale, #runicpower, #payload2, #survivetilldawn, #infectionmode, #titanslaststand).
  • After doing the needful mentioned above, you will be officially a participant of the event and can win rewards as well.


The PUBG Mobile community team will closely read all stories, see the screenshots provided by players, and choose which mode to bring back in PUBG Mobile. Other than this, players can also win rewards by participating in this event. Rewards and Judging procedure will be as follows:

  •  9 Winners will be announced for this event
  • The reward for each winner is the “Red Rider set” permanently
  • Community members can only win once
  • Players can participate multiple times however, only one entry will be chosen if announced as the winner
  • Any participant found to be using multiple accounts to win multiple rewards will be disqualified from this event and will be banned for all other future events.

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