PUBG Console Patch Notes 13.1: Server Maintenance Time, New Updates, and Features

PUBG Console Patch Notes 13.1: Server Maintenance Time, New Updates
PUBG Console Patch Notes 13.1: Server Maintenance Time, New Updates

PUBG Console Patch Notes 13.1: Server Maintenance Time, New Updates, and Features. Krafton thanks all the great feedback and player comments regarding the release of Taego with Update 12.2. The Player’s constructive feedback motivated Krafton to make lots of changes and improvements to Taego; let’s jump into it! Today developers have announced the 13.1 patch notes for the PUBG Consoles. This update will be available in the game later this week. Let’s take a look at the patch notes. 


  • PDT: August 11, 9 PM – August 12, 3:30 AM
  • CEST: August 12, 6 AM – 12:30 PM
  • KST/JST: August 12, 1 PM – 7:30 PM

PUBG Console Patch Notes 13.1: MULTI CARE PACKAGES

We have received a lot of player feedback asking for an increase in the amount of Care Package airdrops available in each match. Let’s fix that! Previously, it was generally only one player who’d get all the loot from each drop, with not much left to go around. With this update, we’ve dramatically increased the number of Care Packages, through additional small airdrops, allowing more players the chance to hunt them down and loot them up.

When the situation is right, additional Care Packages can be used as a hardcover to engage or retreat from your opponent.

  • Increased the number of Care Packages
    • Standard Care Packages: One
    • Small Care Packages: 5 – 15
  • Multi-drop Care Package Contents
    • Ammo, healing items, throwables. Standard Care Package spawn items can also be found inside, with low probability.

PUBG: Secret Room

Hidden keys are scattered across Taego and can be looted, then used to access the Taego Secret Room.

  • How to enter the Secret Room
    • After obtaining the key, you can open the secret room door and enter to loot items.
  • Available items
    • Self AED
    • Scopes
    • Low chance of Care Package items
    • A large number of healing items and throwables

PUBG Patch Notes: Emergency Landing

The emergency landing plane moves faster than the standard starting plane, but the fall height varies greatly, resulting in a varied falling duration. The farther you jump at the beginning of the flight, the farther you can travel. The later you jump off, the shorter you can travel, like the plane, altitute decreases. If you decide not to jump off the plane, you’ll take 50% damage at the end of your journey.

Weapon Balance Update 

Alongside buffs to SRs, including improved bolting animation and transition speeds, certain ARs and the PP-Bizon receive recoil reductions or an increase in damage.


The ballistics of the following Sniper Rifles have been adjusted:


  • Increased muzzle velocity (+20-25m/s)
  • Slightly flatter bullet trajectory
  • Decreased drag
  • Increased damage coefficient at long range (0.9 → 0.95)

Some mechanics of the following Sniper Rifles have been adjusted:


  • Decreased bolt-action delay
  • Increased bolt-action speed
  • Faster transition to scoping after bolting.
  • Increased rate of fire

The following balance changes have been applied to DMRs:

  • Increased bullet drop and reduced damage coefficient at long range for the Mini 14, QBU, SKS and SLR.
  • Decreased damage coefficient at long range for the Mk12.


  • Increased damage (41 → 42)
  • Slightly reduced horizontal recoil


  • Slightly reduced horizontal recoil


  • Increased damage (51 → 52)


  • Reduced horizontal recoil during extended sprays


  • Increased damage (35 → 36)

Ranked rewards are granted based on your rank at season end. Players who reach at least Gold V will receive the Season 12 Ranked Parachute skin! Those who fight their way to Platinum or higher will also be rewarded with a unique Animated Emblem. Master or higher players will also receive an Animated Nameplate.

    • Players who played at least 10 Ranked Matches will earn an emblem and nameplate matching their end-of-season rank.
    • Platinum Tier and above receive an Animated Ranked Emblem.
    • Master Tier will receive an Animated Nameplate.
    • Top 500 players are rewarded with a Unique Animated Emblem and Nameplate.
    • Honor-based emblems will now be shown on your PUBG ID and displayed to enemies when you successfully take them out. Emblems will also be visible in the Death Cam and to spectators.
    • Players Gold V and above will receive an exclusive Season 12 Ranked Parachute Skin.

The purpose of ranked is to constantly improve your skills, hone strategies, and compete with competitive other players. We want to ensure that the players who reach the highest ranks and receive ranked rewards continue to hold their rank throughout the season.

  • Ranked Season 12
    • 3,000 RP is the lower limit of demotion.
    • You can maintain Diamond Rank even if you don’t play Ranked for seven days or more.
  • Ranked Season 13
    • RP can now decay below 3,000.
      • 100 RP will be detected per day for players Diamond tier or higher who do not play Ranked at least once a week.
      • 100 RP deduction per day continues until the player plays a Ranked match. Decay also stops once RP drops below 3,000. This means the deduction stops when you reach Platinum I.
    • The diamond tier cannot be maintained by players who don’t participate in Ranked for 7 days or more in a row.

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