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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ Journey with Stadia platform users Coming to an End

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ Journey with Stadia platform users Coming to an End

The Journey of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS with Stadia platform users will likewise come to an end on January 18, 2023, according to Google’s notice regarding the discontinuation of Stadia’s gaming services. Up until the specified date, Stadia players will be able to access PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and purchase BP items, Passes, and Level Up Coupons at the Store.

Following the discussions regarding the ban on BGMI, its removal from India, and the removal of Steam from Indonesia, it appears that there are other reports of the closure of other companies or platforms like stadia now. However, the add-ons and Store items that can be purchased with G-COIN will no longer be available at the Store as of the #20.1 update, according to PUBG Mobile officials who also highlighted this in a tweet (October 20).

Unfortunately, they are unable to offer account migration services to another console platform due to the tight schedule of PUBG: Battleground Europe leading to Stadia’s abrupt closure as well as technical issues. Instead, they will provide all Stadia platform users with complete refunds of the game package and add-ons.

Why did Stadia close Google?

At a time when businesses are seeking methods to cut costs due to rising prices, Google announced the closing of the Stadia division. It was expected that Google Stadia, which launched in 2019, would become well-known in the business, which is now dominated by Microsoft and Sony. Additionally, it promised an easy user experience, although the majority of its services weren’t yet available. In contrast, services like Microsoft Game Pass charge a monthly or yearly fee and provide a wide selection of games that are already playable. Without any major titles, Stadia, like Microsoft, was unable to draw in amateur or professional gamers.

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