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PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes: Release Date, Update Time, and more

PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes: Release Date, Update Time, and more
PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes: Release Date, Update Time, and more

PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes: Release Date, Update Time, and more. Recently, Krafton has released all the information about the new 12.2 patch note for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG will be getting a new 8×8 map: Taego. The Taego Map will provide players a diverse and wildlife environment to explore in the game. Comeback BR and Self AED will be two new coming features on the Map Taego. New weapons like Mk12 and K2 will also be available on the Taego Map.

Release Date and Time of the PUBG 12.2 patch

  • July 7 – August 17, 11 AM PDT
  • July 7 – August 18, 4  AM CEST
  • July 7 – August 18, 11 AM KST

PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes: New Map, Features, and more

New Map: Taego
–  It will be available as a featured map.
–  It will be playable in both TPP and FPP mode.
      – Players will be able to play Solo, Squads and 1 Man-Squad Mode on this map
       – Duos will not be available
       – Availability of modes will vary, depending on your region
–  Up to 100 players can play.
–  It has clear weather.
–  Bots can spawn.
–  There will be no red zone.
–  Two friendly birds will be there on the map Taego which will react to players movement and gunfire.
– It will be available in custom matches
     – Sandbox Mode will be available for PUBG Partners

Comeback BR mode introduced with PUBG 12.2 Patch Note

Comeback BR is a new feature available on the Map Taego in which players will get another chance to drop back into the game after dying from the first blue zone. Players who die during the first blue zone will be sent to the Comeback Arena, a separate location from the main Taego Map where all survivors will be competing against each other. Those who will survive long enough in the Comeback Arena will be taken via helicopter to the main Taego Map where they can continue their fight for the Chicken Dinner.

Self AED: A new feature in PUBG 

Just like Comeback BR, Self-AED will be another chance for players to stay in the fight. The Self AED feature allows players to revive themselves when DBNO, without the help of their teammate.
–  To activate self-revive, players have to click Self AED present in their inventory.
   – Once started, it cannot be cancelled
   – It cannot be used while already being revived by another teammate
–  It can be used even if your entire squad is DBNO as long as one of your teammate carries the Self AED.
–  In Solo, players can use the Self AED which allows them to enter DBNO instead of being instantly killed.

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