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Project C: New game to be introduced on the Global Downloading platform soon, CHECK DETAILS 


Project C: New game to be introduced on the Global Downloading platform soon- Project C is known to be the brand-new FPS game which is currently in development by the popular Timi Studios. Many leaks are coming out regarding its new addition, official release date, and more. A majority of data miners have already started grinding for it and have revealed some fresh leaks which directly reflect the relevance of the title aka Project C.

Project C: New game to be introduced on the Global Downloading platform soon, CHECK DETAILS

As per the news circulating on the internet, it says the game has currently closed its testing in China and users are expecting its official version very soon. Follow us for updates.

The official release date of the Project C title is not yet revealed because it is still in partial testing and at any time the developer may start its 2nd alpha testing.

Here are some of the relevant news which is recently revealed by the data miners:

  • In Project C players will experience some real-time gaming and they will take elements from Escape From Tarkov, Warzone, DMZ, and Battlefield Players will have Two main types of mission objectives. One is randomised, while the
  • Another is an external access mission similar to DMZ.
  • The Armour system is similar to Warzone, with the players being able to armour.
  • Players’ health needs to be manually replenished using medical items.
  • Players can choose between 4 available skill sets, each having a unique passive, active, and ultimate skill.
  • Unlike in EFT where spare magazines are needed for a quick reload, Project C’s.
  • The weapon reload system is more similar to Warzone/DMZ. Multiple ammo types exist.
  • The game would also feature a battlefield-like mode which includes vehicles.
  • Destructible environments.

The Leaks related to the Project C title are not confirmed yet by the officials, they may be subjected to change until officially announced

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