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Pro player and streamer “Dafran” gets lifetime ban from Solary Cup


The 26-year-old ex-Overwatch pro Daniel”Dafran” Francesca got banned for a lifetime in The Solary Cup for Valorant. Dafran is a streamer and content creator who is always surrounded around controversies. He has been playing Valorant with his Team Prodigy and looking to go pro in the game.

Previously he has received multiple bans from Overwatch, Twitch and Blizzard games. This is the first time when a pro player got banned in Tournament.

The incident took place when organisers changed the dates of semifinals in Solary Cup featuring Valorant. Organisers announced changes in schedule one day before on DISCORD . The Team Prodigy did not saw the announcement on time. According to Dafran, his team was not ready to play the match. While his opponents, team HypHypHyp were on-line and waiting for them. The tournament organisers soon announced that a game point would automatically be given to team HypHypHyp, and Dafran  & the team didn’t agree to the decision of the organisers.

Dafran sparked an outrage against Solary and their rivals team HypHypHype. Consequently, Solary was swift to call their decision. They imposed a permanent ban on Dafran across all their tournaments but allowed team Prodigy to advance further without him.

Team Prodigy currently consists of star CSGO player Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom accompanied by Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas, Jacob ‘Pyth’ Mourujärvi, and Bayram ‘bramz’ Ben Redjeb. The team will now have to find a fifth player in order to continue their run at the Solary cup.

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