Portal Esports Reveals Winners of Pakistan Esports Awards

Esports Awards

On January 6th, 2021, Portal Entertainment announced the winners in 31 categories of first-ever Portal Entertainment Esports Awards hosted by mooroo.

Dew Gamers Arena Pakistan and Portal Entertainment came together to bring the first-ever Esports Awards to recognize the players, teams and the people who work for the betterment of esports in Pakistan. Portal Entertainment is continuously working on the betterment of esports scene in Pakistan, they created Portal Esports with a vision to set up nationwide leagues in popular games and build the largest esports ecosystem in Pakistan.

Dew Gamers Arena released a statement on the first-ever Esports Awards in Pakistan, they said, ” Portal Entertainment came up with a great idea to recognize the players, teams, and the people who work on esports industry. We are very happy for being part of it, hosted by a special guest: Moor00. We will continually work for the success of esports in Pakistan. ”

Let’s take a look at the winners of the awards in multiple categories:

  • Best CODM Overall Team of the year – PORTAL ESPORTS
  • Best CODM Sniper of the Year – Slayer
  • Best CODM IGL of the Year – SCAR THE OG
  • Best CODM Close range combat player of the Year- Witcher
  • Best CSGO entry fragger of the Year – PokemoN
  • CSGO Fan Favorite of the Year – PokemoN
  • Best CSGO IGL/Support Player of the Year – EXECUTOR
  • Best CSGO Team of the Year – VRN
  • Best CSGO Awper of the Year – SHOOTER
  • Best Valorant Duelist of the year – BUTTSAHAB
  • Best Valorant Initiator of the year – MSK
  • Best Valorant Sentinel of the year – BRAVO ( SAGE )
  • Best Valorant Controller of the year – GUNNER ( OMEN)
  • Best Valorant Fan Favourite Team of the year – RAPTORS
  • Dota 2 Soft support of the year – ARROW
  • Dota 2 Hard support of the year – JOKER
  • Dota 2 Carry of the year – GHOST KHAN
  • Dota 2 Mid Laner of the year – SH1ZZY
  • Dota 2 Offlaner of the year – KSG
  • Best PUBGM Player of the Year – REHMAAN
  • Best PUBGM Fragger of the Year – FS MALIK
  • Best PUBGM In-Game Leader of the Year – TEENWOLF
  • Best PUBGM Fan Favorite of the Year – STAR ANONYMOUS
  • Best PUBGM Team of the Year – FREE STYLE
  • Best PUBGM Girls Team of the year – BABLU GIRLS
  • Best Esports Streamer of the year – MRJAYPLAYS*
  • Best Esports Caster of the year – ALADDIN
  • Best Esports event organizer of the year – PAK CLAN BATTLE
  • Best Esports VFX/Graphics Designer of the year – HAMZA ANSARI
  • Fan Favorite Streamer of the year – DUCKEY BHAI
  • Best Esports Organization of the year – Portal Esports

* Best Esports Streamer Of The Year Award won by DUCKY BHAI but he asked for Award to be given to MrJayPlays.

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