Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth confronts OnlyFans detractors

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth confronts OnlyFans detractors

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth confronts OnlyFans detractors – Amouranth the Twitch sensation has returned back to deliver an update about her both professional and as well as personal life. Further to confront the criticisms that she faced for her OnlyFans work. It was October 15 when the Twitter sensation shocked the world as she disclosed information about her violent and toxic marriage with her husband.

She further continued that her spouse was in full control of her life, taking charge of her funds to make her do the stream. This agitation further higher up when she was threatened by her husband to kill her dogs.

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth confronts OnlyFans detractors

She made her reappearance just two days after her comments on her marital status. On October 17 the streamer stated to her followers, as they were concerned for her. Amouranth shared that she is completely fine and the situation is normal. She used the word “free” which further transparent the situation.

The streamer further disclosed to her fans that had reclaimed full authority over all of her accounts as well as money. In addition, to her past toxic relationship with her husband, she would take both legal and emotional counsel to overcome such vicious situations.

Amouranth’s return has not been a perfect one, as she continuously faced various criticism for OnlyFan’s work. The popular Twitch streamer has now attacked individuals who have criticized her OnlyFans work.

The well-known streamer noted in a tweet on October 22 that she would always be recording other content throughout her past vacations from broadcasting. But this time, she’s determined to use some to get some much-needed slumber.

“Previously if I took a break from streaming (or was not online) I was filming other content – this time I’m not doing anything productive,” she tweeted on Twitter.

She further continued by saying: “That means I’m not doing a photoshoot, & haven’t shot since I’ve been free. So I don’t have new photos to share. Also, I don’t think some of you understand that one can be forced to do something for a prolonged period, but in other instances want to do it of their own volition.”


“Also none of my opinions on any involved parties have changed, If you’re with them or equivocating or think I’m confused or conflicted – go 🖕🏻 yourself, you’re not with me. I see clear af tyvm.”

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