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Popular mobile shooter Payday Crime War is now open for pre-registrations for Android, CHECK DETAILS


Popular mobile shooter Payday Crime War is now open for pre-registrations for Android- Based on the well-known Payday video game, Payday Crime War is a first-person shooter for mobile devices. The game is in its early access stage and is published by PopReach Incorporated. Currently, the game is up for pre-registrations and has crossed 100K total registrations till now.

The game, which took two challenging years to build, is now available in some regions of the world. In order to execute their plan to pull off the ideal robbery, players in the game can team up with buddies and decide whether to be noisy or covert. Each robbery will be distinct, adding complexity and depth to an ongoing event, which will keep the game interesting.

Popular mobile shooter Payday Crime War is now open for pre-registrations for Android

Join a gang and compete against other heisters from across the world in various 4v4 game styles. Climb the ranks and engage in a full-scale crime war to control the city. As you advance, you can gather different weapons to customise your loadouts, including heisters, guns, masks, and spectacular skins.

Pre-registration for the Payday Crime War has begun on the Google Play Store. The iOS platform’s consumers will regrettably have to wait their turn to place a pre-order. To pre-register for Payday Crime War on your Android smartphone, simply follow the instructions below. 

  • Launch the Google Play Store and type “Payday Crime War” into the search field.
  • Click on the Pre-register button, and players will be notified upon the game is available for download.

Or you can click on the link to pre-register for the game on the Android platforms.

Although the developers haven’t formally announced the game’s precise global release date, they have said that the team is putting a lot of effort into giving users a mobile heisting experience this year. Australia, Canada, and the Philippines have already received early access to the Payday Crime War.

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