“Pokimane: the most corrupt streamer on Twitch,” says Trainwreck; Hasan defends the statement on Pokimane

"Pokimane: the most corrupt streamer on Twitch," says Trainwreck; Hasan defends the statement on Pokimane

“Pokimane: the most corrupt streamer on Twitch,” says Trainwreck – After a Twitter argument between Trainwreck and Mizkif, reports that Mizkif had planned cover-ups for multiple sexual assaults surfaced. The most noteworthy incident involves Adrianah Lee, a female streamer, and CrazySlick, Mizkif’s best buddy. Train criticized Mizkif for reportedly “damaging his character” on broadcast with Pokimane early in the recorded call seen between streamer conglomerate. Mizkif, however, said that Pokimane was always the one criticizing Train, and he denied any involvement in the conversation.

Following these accusations, Trainwreck, Mizkif, Asmongold, and others joined a private Discord call to discuss the charges. However, Mizkif and Train also made time to discuss their disagreement after constantly exchanging barbs on social media.

“Pokimane: the most corrupt streamer on Twitch,” says Trainwreck; Hasan defends the statement on Pokimane

Mizkif said, “Poki went nuts on you. I did not. I literally was staying quiet that whole time.” Mizkif had previously asserted that Pokimane “goes harder” on Train than he does.

As the call’s facilitator, Amongold raised his voice to say: “I don’t know why y’all collaborate with them. The second that you look bad, they will turn on you.”

This led Train to respond with, “No s**t. That’s what Poki does. Poki is one of the most corrupt figures on Twitch.” Hasan defends the statement on Pokimane by saying, “Train is out of his mind,” he further kept on adding, “ Poki had a friend, someone living under her roof, who did stuff like this. I mean, worse things. And we know what happened. She showcased her integrity in that circumstance.” However, Pokimane restricts herself from commenting on Train’s statement rather she chooses to distance herself from the drama.

Even Miz and Asmon then halted Train because they thought he was veering off course. Train said later in the interview that Pokimane, Hasan, and Mizkif serve an audience that, “don’t want to take responsibility.” Train commented, “When someone offers them up a scapegoat and they don’t want to take responsibility, because that’s a very rare trait in this world, you cater to them because it gives you the most money, attention, and clout.”

Mizkif expressed regret after this. “I’m sorry. I hope you and I can have a clean slate. I don’t want problems. If you ever see or hear me saying anything from this point on s**ting on you… I am completely in the wrong, and I’m sorry.”

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