Pokimane teases about her life-style changes and explains her “artificial teeth.”

Pokimane teases about her life-style changes and explains her "artificial teeth."

Pokimane teases about her life-style changes and explains her “artificial teeth.”- Pokimane is one of the most well-known, very skilful and talented figures in the Twitch streaming community across the globe. She also holds the title of becoming the first female content producer to amass over nine million Twitch followers.

In a recent broadcast on the YouTube platform, Pokimane addresses her health. The video was entitled, “I’m making changes.”

She further makes clarifications to her fans by stating that she had been facing some health-related issues. She had sought treatment from an ENT specialist, as there was ringing in her ears. She was informed that she had tinnitus which was caused by some congestion.

Pokimane teases about her life-style changes and explains her “artificial teeth.”

Pokimane was not fully satisfied with this consultation and thus she went to seek a better one. In doing so she was made to know that perhaps she had encountered an inner ear infection. Later she continued to take the antibiotics as prescribed by both Doctors.

It seems the medications did not affect her, as Pokimane expressed her suffering by stating that the ringing going in her ear was “out of control” and her present condition has become a “living hell.” “I heard ringing all of the time. I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t do much of anything. I was so down. I had no appetite. I felt like utter doo-doo. My life was flipped upside down.”

She continued further: “I start taking that, the ringing goes out of control. My life becomes a living hell for like, a week. Like, I hear ringing all of the time.”

The streamer admitted that the very moment she wore earplugs to bed she encountered this ringing noise in her ear. She added: “So about a month ago, sometimes I’d go to bed and I’d put earplugs in, I would hear a ringing in my right ear. So that’s weird, I’ll just take it out and fall asleep. But I had some time recently, so I went to see an ENT, which is an ear-nose-throat doctor.”

As previously mentioned, Pokimane’s initial physician has differences from the second one. While the first one was unable to find such major issues, the latter gave a different assessment that she had an infection in her ear. Here is what she had to say: “Second doctor took a look and he said, ‘This might be an inner ear infection. So I’m going to put you on antibiotics for seven days,’ which were also like steroids. And I made sure with both of them, that I could take all the medications that they both suggested at the same time. And they’re like, ‘Yeah, go ahead.”

Pokimane finally realised that it was a wrong decision she had made by taking two separate medications at the same time. Thus, she could see the results of her health recovering after she stopped taking those medications.

The situation gets worse very soon as the streamer is forced to see a TMJ specialist after she has realised that her Temporomandibular joint (TMJ joint) had also been damaged.

She said: “I go to a TMJ clinic. The CT scan, my face, my jaw, teeth, everything, and they’re like, ‘You are messed up,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh!’ He pointed out a bunch of issues that I have with my jaw and whatever the heck, and he’s like, ‘This could be the cause. Regardless, we can help you to kind of like, bring your jaw and your teeth into a position that is good for your breathing and your general day-to-day activities.”

Pokimane disclosed that the physician made a pair of false teeth to realign her jaw: “So he created fake teeth that would put my jaw into better alignment, and that’s what I have on right now. Like, my bottom teeth are way longer than they normally are. It feels so weird, I’m not used to it. My face hurts a little bit. I’m just hoping that it helps.”

“Those have been the health issues that I’ve been dealing with for the last month or something. Yeah, if you have TMJ or tinnitus, I feel for you.”

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