Pokimane mocks “cringeworthy” influencers who get on the NFT bandwagon

Pokimane mocks "cringeworthy" influencers who get on the NFT bandwagon
Pokimane mocks "cringeworthy" influencers who get on the NFT bandwagon

Pokimane mocks “cringeworthy” influencers who get on the NFT bandwagon- Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, a Twitch star, slammed “cringe” celebrities and influencers who, she alleges, are ignorant of NFTs but support them regardless. Many celebrities and content creators have joined in and created their own NFTs, while some have received backlash for promoting NFT-based enterprises. Pokimane spoke out about certain influencers who she claims don’t comprehend what they’re doing when they promote them.

Pokimane’s thoughts on celebs that promote NFTs

Poki went into great depth on how “cringeworthy” NFT promoters may be for her.

She tweeted, “Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing celebrities/influencers promote NFTs knowing damn well they have no clue what they’re talking about.” Although she did not mention names, they have been promoted by a slew of celebrities and influencers since they first became popular in 2021.

Poki reaffirmed her viewpoint in response to YouTuber David Choi, saying, “I’m only talking about people that advocate these things with 0 interest in technology and clearly little to no comprehension of crypto, NFT, or web3 in general.”

“It’s just so obvious when they’re only doing it for the bag.”

While she chastised people who push Non-Fungible Tokens without understanding what they are, her mentions were filled with users hawking their own Non-Fungible Tokens.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are non-transferable units of data held in a blockchain, which is a digital ledger. Digital media such as photographs, videos, and audio may be connected with several types of NFT data units. NFTs differ from blockchain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in that each token is uniquely recognized. NFTs do not block the creation of NFTs with identical related files, nor do they restrict the sharing or copying of the underlying digital data. They also do not impart the copyright of the digital files.

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