Pokimane lashes out against Twitch fans after they claimed that she ‘got boosted’ to a Valorant rank

Pokimane lashes out against Twitch fans after they claimed that she 'got boosted' to a Valorant rank

Pokimane lashes out against Twitch fans after they claimed that she ‘got boosted’ to a Valorant rank. In response to claims raised by a group of her Twitch viewers, On the stream, Pokimane denounced any suggestions she isn’t worthy of becoming Immortal in Riot’s popular shooter as ‘totally brain-dead. 

Recently, Pokimane hit Immortal in Valorant on September 19th. She has broken her own personal best with her incredible ranked achievement, putting her in the top 0.4% of all Valorant ranked players, and showing that she still has what it takes to compete at the highest levels of competitive gaming.

However, there are those in the Twitch community who do not believe she earned her legendary Immortal status in the Riot Games shooter. Some have even started crying “carried”. Others are disputing her achievements since she had help from other players.

It is not the first time Pokimane has dealt with trolls,  she slammed their “brain dead” accusations this time around. A Twitter user in the past couple of weeks compared Pokimane’s Valorant grind to Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop’s trio-climb on Apex legend. Viewers claimed it was “double standards” that the 100 Thieves star got criticized over his rapid ascent while Pokimane received praise.

She laughed off on the claims of “brain dead”. She stated “Me, minding my business, playing solo queue, and doing sometimes, as a normal gamer does, sometimes” and added later  “Me, minding my business, streaming games, in Diamond, in Plat elo. Then I opened Twitter, and saw, this kind of brain-dead sh*t I see immediately.

After roasting the “brain dead” people on her stream, she responded to a comment on her post with a barbed reply, saying “Who the f**k asked you?”.

Pokimane faces constant doubt from Twitch viewers on her stream

It’s not the first time Pokimane’s Valorant abilities have been questioned either. In early February, she forced a hater to delete their Twitter account after denying their claims regarding boosting.

She said, “I’ve been playing Valorant since beta. I’ve hit Diamond rank numerous times, have three account rankings, [but you] clearly don’t know that since you don’t look at my stream.” It’s absurd that you call me boosted on the basis of a five-second clip of me being scared.

As she went on, she said, “If you’re going to talk sh*t in my chat, don’t be surprised if my mods ban you lmao.”

A worthy ace underlines Pokimane’s talents

There have been far worse claims this time around; one Twitch fan even suggested Pokimane reached Valorant’s Immortal rank mainly because she “had a really good PC,” and technical advantage. Her response to that claim was, “That had me rolling, thanks, I guess?”.

It is always said that actions speak louder than words, and Pokimane always gives examples of her Valorant skills in action during every single broadcast. Her most recent achievement was to carry Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel in a ranked battle, pulling off an incredible one-vs-four clutch.

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