‘Pokimane $80 million donations’ remains at the top of the list and she has often taken the internet by storm

'Pokimane $80 million donations' remains at the top of the list and she has often taken the internet by storm

‘Pokimane $80 million donations’ remains at the top of the list and she has often taken the internet by storm. Pokimane has often taken the internet by storm, but the ‘Pokimane $80 million donations’ remains at the top of the list. As of now, Imane “Pokimane” Anys ranks among the highest-rated streamers in the community. The fact that her streams portray her as friendly and adorable has also helped her gain a huge fan base. Sims also make up a lot of Pokimane’s army.

A whopping 80 million dollars were allegedly donated on Pokimane’s Twitch channel on one occasion in mid-2020. The video of Simp Donating $80 million to Pokimane went viral immediately after it was posted on the internet. Pokimane appears to have accepted an $80 million donation. It was revealed that it was a joke made to poke fun at Pokimane’s simp army, a group of followers who regularly contribute to the streamer’s work.

It was a fellow streamer CallMeCarson who took Pokimane’s diary when she has a shocked face and runs out of her room in the original video. During the Pokimane $80 million donation video, Bryan Cranston plays Walter White from Breaking Bad, whose famous line is: “Say my name.” It is an obvious jab at the fact that several streamers donate large amounts just so that the Pokimane Simp’s name can be mentioned. A lot of memes were created as a result of the entire incident.

Why did Pokimane lower her donations on her channel?

The streamer Pokimane has previously addressed the issue of excessive donations and has now lowered the limit on donations for her channel to $5. Pokimane encourages her fans to support smaller streamers who require funding the most. Since it was first posted, Pokimane’s $80 million donation video has been viewed over 10 million times, and of course even caught her attention, as she reacted to the video on her live stream. When the streamer saw the video, she left in splits.

Pokimane’s $80 million donation video was edited well by the streamer, and the background soundtrack added to the video led to a hilarious video that left the entire streaming community in splits. In fact, it received such an overwhelmingly positive response that Walter “King of Simps” White even broke into Pokimane’s house in a sequel. It pretends Pokimane’s laughter at Walter White’s $80 million donations did not go over well with him.

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