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Pokemon GO Voltorb Spotlight Hour is coming next in February

Pokemon GO Voltorb Spotlight Hour is coming next in February
Pokemon GO Voltorb Spotlight Hour is coming next in February

Pokemon GO Voltorb Spotlight Hour is coming next in February- Pokemon GO continues to hold Spotlight Hour since its introduction in 2020. During this event, the featured Pokemon spawn rate is increased. It is considered the best opportunity for trainers if they want to get some Shiny variants of the featured Pokemon. In the upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour, the Kanto region’s Voltorb and Shiny Voltorb will be available. Here is how players can prepare for this Spotlight Hour.Date, Timing, and Bonuses

The Pokemon GO Voltorb Spotlight Hour will be held on 22nd February. The event will start from 6 PM till 7 PM. This will be the final Spotlight Hour for the month of February.

During the Spotlight Hour, trainers will be able to get Double Catch Candy. It will be applicable for any Pokemon that the trainer catches.

Pokemon GO Voltorb Spotlight Hour: Preparation

If any trainers want to prepare for the upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour, here are some tips that they can follow to prepare themselves.

  • Trainers can use their Pokecoins to buy at least two Incense to use during the hour.
  • They should clear out the space in their Pokemon Storage Box so that they can store all the Voltorb they catch.
  • Trainers should carry a lot of Poke Balls during the Pokemon GO Voltorb Spotlight Hour. It will allow them to catch these Pokemons continuously until the event ends.
  • Trainers can collect Pokemon Candy during the Spotlight Hour so that they can evolve their Voltorb into Electrode.

Shiny Voltorb

Trainers will be pleased to hear that Voltorb also has a Shiny version available in Pokemon GO. Thus, this is the best opportunity for them to try their luck if they want to catch a Shiny Voltorb and add it to their Pokemon collection. The increased spawn rate of Voltorb will increase the chances of players encountering a Shiny Voltorb.

Evolution into Electrode

Trainers can evolve their capture Voltorb into an Electrode using 50 Candy. There is no additional requirement for special items or Buddy Tasks for this evolution process. Similarly, if trainers are lucky enough to catch a Shiny Voltorb, they can also evolve it into a Shiny Electrode. As players will be able to acquire Pokemon Candy more easily during the Spotlight Hour event, the required amount for evolution will be met quite quickly.

Make sure to follow these tips if you want to benefit from the event. Stay with us to receive more updates regarding the latest Pokemon GO news.

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