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Pokemon GO All-Hands Rocket Retreat event: Check all details

Pokemon GO All-Hands Rocket Retreat event: Check all details
Pokemon GO All-Hands Rocket Retreat event: Check all details

Pokemon GO All-Hands Rocket Retreat event: Check all details – With the introduction of a lot of Alolan region Pokemons, Team GO Rocket is planning something large. Trainers will be able to participate in another Tean GO Rocket event where they will have to save a lot of Pokemons from their clutches. Here are all the details of the upcoming Pokemon GO event.

Pokemon GO All-Hands Rocket Retreat: Debut Pokemons

This event will be the debut of two new Pokemons in the game, Salandit and Salazzle. Trainers will now be able to hatch a Salandit from 12 km eggs. They will also have to use 50 Salandit Candy to evolve female Salandit into Salazzle.

 Shadow Latias

The Team GO Rocket villain Giovanni is back. He has come prepared with a new Shadow Latias in his arsenal. A new Special Research story will be available at the beginning of this event. Pokemon GO trainers need to progress in this to receive a Super Rocket Radar. It will help them chase down Giovanni and save the Shadow Latias.

 Shadow Pokemons

Trainers will also have to fight various Team GO Rocket Grunts, as well as their Leaders, Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo. They will have various types of Shadow Pokemons. Trainers will have to help Spark, Blanche, and Candela to defeat Team GO Rocket and rescue the Shadow Pokemons. If lucky, they may also encounter various Shiny Shadow Pokemons.

Some of the new Shadow Pokemons are:

  • Shadow Numel
  • Shadow Alolan Sandshrew
  • Shadow Girafarig
  • Shadow Sudowoodo
  • Shadow Alolan Exeggutor
  • Shadow Alolan Rattata

Pokemon GO All-Hands Rocket Retreat: Field Research Task Encounters

Pokemon GO trainers will be able to encounter Sneasel (its Shiny version if you are lucky) when they complete the Field Research Tasks. They might also encounter Scraggy if they are lucky.

Pokemon GO All-Hands Rocket Retreat: Bonuses and Bundles

The following bonuses will be available during the All-Hands Rocket Retreat event in Pokemon GO:

  • Team GO Rocket will be appearing more frequently at PokéStops and in balloons.
  • Trainers can use a Charged TM to help a Shadow Pokemon forget the Charged Attack Frustration.

There will also be a special one-time-purchase event bundle available for 1275 PokeCoins. It will feature 10 Max Potions, 10 Max Revives, and 5 Rocket Radars.

Stay tuned as we bring to you more news and the latest updates from Pokemon GO.

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