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PMWI 2021 East Day 2: Zeus Esports shows an amazing performance on Day 2

PMWI 2021 East Day 2: Zeus Esports shows an amazing performance
PMWI 2021 East Day 2: Zeus Esports shows an amazing performance

PMWI 2021 East Day 2: Zeus Esports shows an amazing performance on Day 2. PMWI 2021 East Day 2 matches have taken place today. Valdus Esports maintained their top position on the leaderboard after day 2. Zeus Esports showed an amazing performance and ranked up from the fifth position to the second position. Here are the match results, overall standings, and much more for PMWI 2021 EAST Day 2.

PMWI 2021 is an annual charity event hosted by PUBG Corporation and Gamers Without Borders, a platform for gamers to raise funds for charity. In total, 32 international teams from different countries will compete in the tournament. At the World Invitational: East, teams from SEA, South Asia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and other countries will compete. It has a massive prize pool of USD 3,160,000, split equally between the Eastern and Western Regions. A total of five matches has been played today as part of PMWI 2021 EAST Day 2.

PMWI 2021 EAST DAY 2: Summary

Match 1 (Erangel)

Z3US esports won the first chicken dinner with 13 kills. In the end, Zeus esports emerged victorious in the match. A1 esports, our second-place team, had eight kills, and Fanatic zombies, our third-place team, had ten kills

Match 2 (Sanhok)

Today’s most exciting match in Sanhok was won by A1 esports with six kills. i8 esports is the fan-favorite team of the EsportsGen poll. They finished second with 9 kills. With 3 kills, Valdus Esports snatched third place. 

Match 3 (Erangel)

Blacklist esports won the Erangel map with seven kills. Z3US esports was second and D’Xavier was third with 9 and 10 kills respectively. This match saw top seed Valdus eliminated early with two kills. 

Match 4 (Miramar)

Blacklist continuing their momentums finished third in this match with 0 kills. DS gaming and Yalla Esports both recorded 13 kills with first and second positions, respectively.

Match 5 (Erangel)

Day 1 leading team, Valdus Esports won the final Erangel match of the day with 12 kills. Reject Scarlet was second with 8 kills while Nasr esports was third with 3 kills.


Z3US Godless won the MVP title of the day, with

  • Average damage- 435
  • Average kills- 2.4
  • Average survival time- 20:36 minutes

In case you missed today’s matches, you can watch here:

This is all for Day 2 of the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021 East, Day 3 and 4 will take place on 24th & 25th July 2021. The same teams will battle in 10 more matches to determine the winner.

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