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PMWI 2021: All players to get free Tesla Model Y skin over “silent feature issue”

PMWI 2021: All players to get free Tesla Model Y skin over "silent feature issue"

PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2021: All players to get free Tesla Model Y skin over “silent feature issue”. Professional Esports Players of PUBG Mobile have raised concerns regarding the new car skin Mechanism. According to some reports, players reached out to Tencent and addressed their issues regarding Tesla Model Y skin and its feature. Which can create an unfair scenario among various competing teams in the upcoming PMWI 2021, who owned this skin or not.

What is Tesla’s Silent Feature Issue in upcoming PMWI 2021?

Tesla, the famous electric car manufacturer had partnered with PUBG mobile. The PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition update has come, and it includes cooperation with Elon Musk’s Tesla, the world’s most famous electric vehicle company.  Tesla’s factories are known as Gigafactories, and PUBG’s Erangel map is receiving its own Gigafactory with the Ignition update. And the Gigafactory isn’t just for show; it’s a fully functional Gigafactory where players can get a Tesla Model Y during matches.

PMWI 2021 tesla

PUBG Mobile x Tesla collaboration brings awesome car skins

Tesla Model Y is considered super silent and doesn’t make noises while accelerating. This same feature of TESLA Model Y has been implemented in Pubg Mobile also, which sounds cool for casuals players but it’s a horrible dream for competitive players. In Competitive, Players mostly depend on sound meta for spotting the enemies. If this Tesla Model Y will take into esports games, it will easier for opponents for sneaks or bypass enemies without even spotted. In other words, it will provide comfort and spotless rotation to enemies. Or help them to push over the squads with no car sound.

According to Reports Players approached and stated “I would like to bring something unfair to attention, the new tesla vehicle skins are completely silent, they’re broken and unfair, the game has become pay to win. Will there be any rules or adjustments on this matter for future competitive events? “

Official’s Response

PUBG Mobile officials have acknowledged all the concerns raised by Players and assured them to conduct tournaments with fairness and equality. For this, PUBG Mobile is going to give all participating players the new Tesla Model Y skin for a limited time. This skin will be activated for the entire duration of PMWI 2021 events. There is still some confirmation that has to be done, keep following us for more updates.

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