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PMPL Western Europe Finals: Know per Match Result, Team Standing After Day 1

PMPL West Europe

The first day of the PMPL Western Europe Finals has now concluded. Unicorns of Love is leading the overall table at the end of the day with 30 kills and 77 points, with Nexus Gaming following close behind with 32 kills and 76 points. Lakonostra MVP  is in third place with freaking 41 kills and 66 points. Winner of League stage – Panda shows fair performance and stood at 5th at end of day 1.

The Pubg Mobile Pro League Western Europe Finals will take place from June 10th to June 12, 2021. A total of 16 teams have qualified from the League Stage to compete for the title and a prize pool of dollars. The League Stages took place from May 17th to June 5th, and the Panda took first place with prize money of  8500 USD.

  • Match 1 started with a map of Erangel, where QLASH Esports took chicken with a total of 14 Kills
  • Match 2 was the map of Miramar, where GODSENT took chicken with a total of 10 Kills
  • Match 3 was the map of Sanhok, where DESTINY took chicken with a total of 6 Kills
  • Match 4 was the map of Erangel, where Lakonostra MVP took chicken with a total of 17 Kills
  • Match 5 was  with a map of  Miramar, where NEXUS gaming took chicken with a total of 9 Kills
  • Match 6 ended  with a map of  Sanhok, where GODSENT took chicken with a total of 7 Kills

PMPL Western Europe Final:  Day 1 Overall Standings

  • Unicorns of Love – 77 Points
  • Nexus Gaming –    76 Points
  • Lakonostra MVP – 66 Points
  • Godsent –     65 Point
  • Panda –    62 Points
  • QLASH –  54 Points
  • UDR KILLERS –  52 Points
  • Lost Bullet – 46 Points
  • Game-Lord – 45 Points
  • Destiny – 39 Points
  • Team Umbra –31 Points
  • Eastern Stars – 28 Points
  • Gaijin Seraphim – 20 Points
  • GSG EUROPE – 16 Points
  • Polar Ace – 16 Points
  • Black Sparks – 15 Points

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There will 2 more days of intense action. Fans can capture live action on PUBG mobile esports official channel.

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