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PMPL South Asia 2022 Fall Overall Standings: DE WARRIORS leads after week 2 matches; Check day 5 summary, and more

PMPL South Asia 2022 Fall Overall Standings

PMPL South Asia 2022 Fall Overall Standings: DE Warriors leads after week 2 matches – The final day of PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Fall 2022 week 2 has recently been concluded. Today a total of 6 matches took place and one of them was a bonus match where only the top 12 teams participated. At the end of week 2 matches, De warriors are leading the chart by 245 overall points. This article will tell you everything you need to know about today’s stream.

  • Match 1 was played in Miramar and the team that dominated this match was won by Raw Officials with 11 kills. Following them with 4 eliminations on the second spot was Elementrix. The third spot was taken by TRZ esports with 5 eliminations.
  • The second Match of the day was played in Erangel and it was won by DE Warriors with 23 massive eliminations. The second spot was taken by DA Atrax eSports with 3 eliminations and DRS gaming got third place with 6 Eliminations.
  • The third match of the day was nice again played in Miramar and this time the chicken dinner was taken by Skylightz gaming with 12 Eliminations. Second Spot was conquered by JyanMara eSports with 6 eliminations and Mabetex eSports got third place with 5 eliminations.
  • Match 4 took place in Sanhok and after a lot of short-ranged fights, JyanMaara eSports got the win with 9 eliminations. The second Spot was taken by High voltage with 4 eliminations and TRZ esports got third place with 3 eliminations.
  • The second Last match of the day was in Erangel and High voltage dominated the match this time with 14 eliminations. The second spot was taken by IHC with 8 Eliminations and TRZ esports got the third place with 6 eliminations.

The last match was the additional match of the week and only the top 12 teams participated in this match. It was played in Livik and the team that won this week’s additional match was none other than IHC esports with 9 Eliminations. The second Spot was taken by DRS gaming and the third spot was conquered by Raw Officials.


DE WARRIORS – 245 Points
Skylightz gaming – 235 Points
High voltage– 207 Points
Deadeyes guys– 197Points
IHC eSports – 187Points
DRS gaming – 186 Points
Godlike stalwart eSports– 181 points
Mabetex eSports– 176 Points
Raw Officials – 156 Points
Venom legends – 141 Points
Wizzes Club – 134 Points
A1 NB Esports – 133 Points
Da Atrax Esports – 130 Points
Gremlin storm– 115 Points
TRZ eSports – 111 points
ElementriX – 110 Points
JyaanMaara Esports – 104 Points
SEAL Esports – 100 Points
1952xDRW – 99Points
T2K Esports – 92Points

The last day of this week has been super exciting and we got to see a lot of amazing matches. Let’s hope we will get to experience similar matches in week 3. Make sure to follow PMPL South Asia 2022 Fall and watch the streams on the official Youtube channel of PUBG MOBILE Esports. Also, make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates.

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