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PMPL Regional Championship 2022 Spring to take place in May & June, Check Details

PMPL Regional Championship 2022 Spring to take place in May & June, Check Details
PMPL Regional Championship 2022 Spring to take place in May & June, Check Details

PMPL Regional Championship 2022 Spring to take place in May & June- PUBG MOBILE is pleased to share the schedule for the 2022 PUBG MOBILE Pro League Regional Championship Spring (PMPL) which will see the best pro teams from across the world showcase their regional strength. The PMPL and PMPL Regional Championship include an incredible $5.3 million total prize pool for 2022.

The PMPL covers five Regional Championships and is the pro-level competition in the PUBG MOBILE ecosystem. The PMPL Regional Championship Spring will kick off on May 19-22 with PMPL South Asia Regional Championship and PMPL European Regional ChampionshipPMPL Americas Regional Championship and PMPL Middle East & Africa Regional Championship will follow May 26-29 before PMPL SEA Regional Championship concludes the PMPL Championship schedule on June 10-12.

The PMPL Regional Championship Spring will see the best 16 teams from each region battle it out. This will be the first opportunity in 2022 for teams to collide outside of their PMPL region allowing fans and teams the chance to witness and compete in some exciting and thrilling matches.

PMPL Regional Championship 2022 Spring to take place in May & June, Check Details

PMPL Regional Championship 2022 Spring to take place in May & June, Check Details

PMPL Americas Regional Championship Spring Teams

  • Alpha7 Esports (Season 2 Winner)
  • XSET (PMPL North America)
  • Nova Esports NA (PMPL North America)
  • The Chosen NA (PMPL North America)
  • Knights (PMPL North America)
  • Boring Protocol (PMPL North America)
  • Aton Esports (PMPL LATAM)
  • Buluc Chabtan (PMPL LATAM)
  • Mezexis Dreams (PMPL LATAM)
  • All Glory Gaming (PMPL LATAM)
  • Golden Eagles Esports (PMPL LATAM)
  • VIVO KEYD (PMPL Brazil)
  • Loops Esports (PMPL Brazil)
  • INTZ (PMPL Brazil)
  • Honored Souls (PMPL Brazil)

PMPL European Regional Championship Spring Teams

  • fastPay Wildcats(PMPL Turkey)
  • Kaos Next Rüya (PMPL Turkey)
  • Beşiktaş Esports (PMPL Turkey)
  • S2G Esports (PMPL Turkey)
  • Getso Esports (PMPL Turkey)
  • Surreal Esports (PMPL Turkey)
  • Fire Flux Esports (PMPL Turkey)
  • Regnum Carya Esports (PMPL Turkey)
  • TJB Esports EU (PMPL Western Europe)
  • UDR KILLERS (PMPL Western Europe)
  • Eastern Stars (PMPL Western Europe)
  • Game-Lord (PMPL Western Europe)
  • XTEAM (PMPL Western Europe)
  • Clear Vision Esports (PMPL Western Europe)
  • PENTA (PMPL Western Europe)
  • 4 Romanian Men (PMPL Western Europe)

PMPL South Asia Regional Championship Spring Teams

  • Stalwart Esports (PMPL South Asia)
  • Deadeyes Guys (PMPL South Asia)
  • Trained to Kill (PMPL South Asia)
  • IHC Esports (PMPL South Asia)
  • JyanMaara Esports (PMPL South Asia)
  • Skylightz Gaming (PMPL South Asia)
  • SEAL ESPORTS (PMPL South Asia)
  • DRS GAMING (PMPL South Asia)
  • High Voltage (PMPL South Asia)
  • Phantom Esports (PMPL South Asia)
  • 52xRage Esports (PMPL Pakistan)
  • Team TUF (PMPL Pakistan)
  • i8 Esports (PMPL Pakistan)
  • The Grounders (PMPL Pakistan)
  • R3GICIDE (PMPL Pakistan)
  • Free Style (PMPL Pakistan)

PMPL Middle East & Africa Regional Championship Spring Teams

  • Nigma Galaxy (PMPL Arabia)
  • Conqueror (PMPL Arabia)
  • Falcons Esports (PMPL Arabia)
  • Rico Infinity Esports (PMPL Arabia)
  • NASR Esports (PMPL Arabia)
  • Ooredoo thunders(PMPL Arabia)
  • Twisted Minds (PMPL Arabia)
  • 01 Esports (PMPL Arabia)
  • 90th Minute (PMPL Arabia)
  • YaLLa Esports (PMPL Arabia)
  • Virtual Game (PMPL Africa)
  • INTRUDER (PMPL Africa)
  • SLIME 4KT (PMPL Africa)
  • Team Myths (PMPL Africa)
  • Team Umbra (PMPL Africa)
  • G3 Temper (PMPL Africa)

PMPL SEA Regional Championship Spring Teams

  • Team Secret (Season 4 Winner)
  • Vampire Esports (PMPL Thailand)
  • Bacon Time (PMPL Thailand)
  • TEM Entertainment (PMPL Thailand)
  • ION Esports (PMPL Indonesia)
  • EVOS Reborn (PMPL Indonesia)
  • RRQ RYU (PMPL Indonesia)
  • Yoodo Alliance x 4Rivals (PMPL MY/SG/PH)
  • Dingoz Esports (PMPL MY/SG/PH)
  • Farang Lejund (PMPL MY/SG/PH)
  • Box Gaming (PMPL Vietnam)
  • D’Xavier (PMPL Vietnam)
  • BN United (PMPL Vietnam)
  • HAIL Esports TH (SEA Play-Ins)
  • The Infinity (SEA Play-Ins)
  • TJB ESPORTS (SEA Play-Ins)

For 2022 the PMPL introduced a new 1-year-cycle to offer a more competitive and stable environment. The league also saw the additions of PMPL Pakistan and PMPL Africa and a change in region classification with EMEA and MENA & SA regions now being classed as Europe, South Asia, and Middle East & Africa.

Fans will be able to watch all the PMPL Regional Championship Spring action live on YouTube PUBG MOBILE Esports Channel starting with the PMPL South Asia Regional Championship and PMPL European Regional Championship on May 19th.

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