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PMPL MY/SG Season 4 Super Weekend Week 1 Day 3 Summary and Overall Standings

PMPL MY/SG Season 4 Super Weekend week 1 day 3 Summary & results
PMPL MY/SG Season 4 Super Weekend week 1 day 3 Summary & results

PMPL MY/SG Season 4 Super Weekend Week 1 Day 3 Summary and overall standings. After the conclusion of Week 1 of PMPL MY/SG Season 4, Axis RedONE is leading the leaderboard. The team has secured a total of 182 points in 15 matches of Super weekend week 1. Around the world, PUBG mobile is the most popular battle royale mobile game. Almost every major update and patch adds new campaign modes and maps for the game. The game is widely considered to be the first mobile esports game. With one of the most developed mobile esports systems and one of the highest views on YouTube, PUBG Mobile Pro League S4: Malaysia/Singapore has begun.

Teams that finished in the top 16 of each weekday’s games (Tuesday and Wednesday) are eligible for the Super Weekend on Friday to Sunday. Rankings for weekday play will be reset every week. Meanwhile, the PMPL MY/SG Season 4 finals will be decided by the standings from the Super Weekend. 

PUBG Mobile Pro League MY/SG Season 4: Overview and all details

It will use the same format, following league stages and Grand Finals, with the end date set for September 26th. There are over $150k in prize money up for grabs in this tournament. The matches will be streamed live on the official PUBG MOBILE YouTube channel. Click here to watch. The 20 teams will compete during the week for a spot in the weekend finals. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be matches during the week. Weekly finals (Super Weekend) will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and feature the top 16 teams from that week.


MATCH 1 (Erangel):

RSG Malayasia was the best team in this match they stood second with 17 kills. VXM Fanx was not behind they stood first with 14 kills. Team SMG stood third with 8 kills in Erangel.

MATCH 2 (Miramar):

Top Seeders Axis REDZONE stood first in this match with marvelous 11 kills. RSG Malayasia again stood second with 5 kills. With 2 kills, Al Ikhalas R2k was third.

MATCH 3 (Erangel):

With 13 kills each, Wulf Arov and 4 Rivals ranked first and second respectively. RSG Malayasia stood 3rd with 0 kills in this match.

MATCH 4 (Sanhok):

Fan Favourites Team Secret won this match with 7 kills. Super Weekend winners Axis Redzone stood second with 3 kills. Farang Lejund stood 3rd with 3 kills in Sanhok.

MATCH 5 (Erangel):

This match was also won by three of the three teams who finished first, second and third in the super weekend. 

Axis Redzone placed third with 7 kills, Farang Lejund placed second with 10 kills, and Team SMG won with 14 kills. 

  • Axis RedONE- 182 Points
  • Team SMG- 167 Points
  • Farang Lejund: 144 Points
  • Evos VIP– 144 Points
  • Team Secret- 140 Points
  • Wulf Arov– 135 Points
  • 4 Rivals– 115 Points
  • RSG Malaysia – 110 Points
  • VXM FANX- 106 Points
  • Al Ikhalas R2k– 105 Points
  • Geek Fam – 98 Points
  • SEM9.GANK – 77 Points
  • Tabah NSEA– 76 Points
  • Team Whales– 72 Points
  • Team BOSSKURR- 58 Points
  • Home Bois– 56 Points

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