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PMGC 2021 East League Finals Day 1 Summary and overall standing

PUBG Mobile Global Championship PMGC 2021 East League Finals Day 1 Summary and overall standing
PUBG Mobile Global Championship PMGC 2021 East League Finals Day 1 Summary and overall standing

PMGC 2021 East League Finals Day 1 Summary and overall standing: After a thrilling day 1 of the League Finals, Damwon Gaming topped the points table with 78 points. Following a thrilling first day of the League Finals, Nova Esports holds on to place 2. Globally, PUBG Mobile is the most popular battle royale game on mobile devices. The game’s campaign mode and maps are updated in almost every major patch or update.

The game is widely considered to be the first mobile esports game. There has never been a competition like the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021  which boasts one of the most developed mobile esports systems on YouTube.

It will use the same format, following the League stage, League Finals, and Grand Finals, with the end date set for January 23rd. There are over $6M in prize money up for grabs in this tournament. 

The 16 teams will compete during the week for a spot in the League finals. There will be league matches during the week. 18 matches will be played from which the top 9 teams will qualify for the Grand Finals.

PMGC 2021 East League Finals Day 1: Check Day 1 Summary and overall standings

MATCH 1 (Erangel): As the day began, D’ Xavier posted a massive victory with 5 kills. Team Infinity, the team in second place, took 6 kills. Team Secret finished third with 10 kills.

MATCH 2 (Sanhok): With 19 kills, Damwon Gaming made an impressive showing in Sanhok. Team Six two eight finished in second place with 3 kills.  Team Secret finished third with 6 kills

MATCH 3 (Miramar): D’xavier Gaming pulled off a superb performance by destroying their competition with 11 kills. Second and third with 3 and 11 kills each was Nova Esports and Genesis Dogma Gids.

MATCH 4 (Erangel): Team Infinity took home a superb victory with 16 kills. Damwon gaming finished second with 10 kills. MS Chonburi stood third with 4 kills.

MATCH 5 (Sanhok): With 13 kills, Stalwart Esports came out on top. Their dominance was evident. Nigma Galaxy stood second with 4 kills and Six two eight third with 3 kills.

MATCH 6 (Erangel): The Rico Infinity Team dominated the competition with 9 kills. Nigma Galaxy finished second with 8 kills. Team Secret stood third with 3 kills.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 EAST League Finals Day 1 Overall Standing

  1. Damwon Gaming- 78 points
  2. Nova Esports- 75 points
  3. Team Secret- 61 points
  4. The Infinity- 59 points
  5. Nigma Galaxy- 57 points
  6. D’Xavier- 54  points
  7. Six to Eight- 54 points
  8. Rico Infinity Team- 49 points
  9. Stalwart Esports- 46 points
  10. Genesis Dogma GIDS- 31 points
  11. 4 Rivals- 29 points
  12. Reject- 29 points
  13. MS Chonburi- 28 points 
  14. DRS Gaming- 23 points
  15. Bigetron RA- 22 points
  16. Cryptics- 15 points

From 4:30 pm sharp Indian Standard Time, the second day of PMGC 2021 East League will be live-streamed exclusively on the official channel of Pubg Mobile Esports on Youtube. Stay tuned for more details on an action-packed day. 

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