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PMCO 2021 Fall Split: Players to get permanent competitive ban for rule violations

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Players to get competitive ban on rule violations - PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2021 Fall Split

PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2021 Fall Split: Players to get the competitive ban for rule violations. PUBG Mobile Esports took their social media accounts to announce major changes into its Anti-hack and Anti-team up features. With PMCO 2021 Fall Split coming closer, the developers have optimized the software to catch cheaters and hackers in the qualification rounds. Besides this, any player caught cheating or hacking while playing the game will directly get a competitive ban based on the reason.

PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split 2021 has been officially confirmed as the next tournament in the series. The players could go to the official website and register their team. PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2021 showcases the best PUBG MOBILE Players and Squads among the 23 regions across the world. PMCO 2021 acts as the initial step to the journey towards the world’s largest mobile esports event, the PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP. The season features a massive prize pool of $700,000 USD.

To keep the tournament fair for each player and squad, PUBG Mobile Esports has released ‘BAN NOTICE’. The notice states the ban reason and duration that will be given to players when found guilty. Here is the complete list of the PMCO competitive ban reasons.

  • Usage of cheat program in 1st or 3rd party tournaments – Permanent ban
  • Usage of cheat program in the non-competitive game – 1 Year ban
  • Teaming (i.e. colluding with other team or player in the game) – 1 Year ban
  • Ringing (i.e. playing under another player’s identification and/or submitting fake identification) – 1 Year ban
  • Ban evasion (i.e. creating a new account after receiving a competitive ban on a previously owned account before the ban is lifted) – 1 Year ban
  • Account sharing (i.e. allowing someone else to play on your game account or accessing someone else’s game account) – 6 Month ban

*Ban duration increases by 1 year for multiple offenses. Someone caught ringing 3 times will receive a total competitive ban of 5 years. (1 year at 1st offense + 2 years at 2nd offense + 2 years at 3rd offense.)

*Ban start date takes place from the date the investigation is concluded OR the tournament end date from which the player was caught.

So, enjoy your game and join the battleground to become the ultimate PMCO Fall Split champions.

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