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PGC 2022: Overview, Schedule, Format, Prizepool and more about PUBG Global Championship 2022

PGC 2022: Overview, Schedule, Format, Prizepool and more about PUBG Global Championship 2022

PGC 2022: Overview, Schedule, Format, Prizepool and more about PUBG Global Championship 2022 – After long anticipation for PGC 2022, the wait is finally on the verge as Krafton announces the PGC 2022 tournament to be held in Dubai from 1st November to 20th November 2022 in the Dubai Esports Festival. The PUBG Global Championship 2022 is a complete Offline (LAN) tournament, inviting all 32 teams worldwide and over 128 players back to the arena, battling for a massive prize pool worth $ 2 million USD.

PGC 2022: Overview and Prizepool

PUBG Global Championship 2022 tournament will set forth on 1st November with a Group Stage and ends the journey with a Grand Final, starting on 18th November. The entire tournament is divided into six parts, which include the Group stage at the initial stage and then follows Winner Brackets, Loser Brackets Phase-1, Loser Brackets Phase-2, Grand survival and lastly concluding the tournament with the ultimate Grand Final of PGC 2022.

The participating teams will be given 30% of the profits earned from the PGC 2022 store items sale and a prize pool of 2 million USD will be distributed to the participating teams based on the final results. A special prize ‘The MVP Player of the tournament will be granted an extra prize of $10,000.

PGC 2022: Teams

The PGC 2022 announced 32 teams from across the four regions, with the following split:

  • Teams from Asia- NH-Esports, Petrichor Road, 17 Gaming, Tianba Esports, TYLOO, Takmeaway Gaming, KWANGDONG FREECS, Gen.G, Baegopa, Danawa e-sports DONUTS USG, Global Esports Xsset.
  • Teams from Europe- Question Mark, Northern Lights Team, Entropiq, FaZe Clan, Polish Power, Natus Vincere, DVERPEEKERS, BBL Esports.
  • Teams from APAC-  Daytrade Gaming, Buriam United Esports, THEERATHON FIVE, The Expendables, CERBERUS Esports, ShuaiGeDui
  • Teams from Americas- Soniqs, eUnited, Wildcard Gaming, YAHO, Luminosity Gaming, 22Esports.


PGC 2022: Format and Schedule

The first week of the PGC 2022 tournament will host Group Stage. Prior to that, teams will be divided into groups: Group A & Group B, where groups will compete against each other for 3 days and 5 matches per day. At the end of the Group stage, the final outcome will place the top 8 teams from each group in the Winner Bracket and the bottom 8 teams will be placed in the Losers Bracket. The group stage starts from Nov. 1-6.

The winner Bracket champion will be granted a reward which is a direct seat to the Grand Finals. The tournament will span over two days consisting of five matches each. The Winner Brackets sets in from Nov. 8 to Nov 9. The remaining 8 teams will be placed into the upcoming Losers Bracket 2 for another chance.

The Losers Bracket 1 contains the bottom 8 teams from Group A & Group B and begins from Nov. 10-11. These 16 teams will compete in a 10 matches tournament over 2 days. The top winning half will advance to the next Losers Bracket 2 which rolls out from Nov. 12-13 However, 7 teams from the bottom half will be sent to the Grand Survival with the team very last on the list eliminated. The Losers Bracket 2 will host 10 matches over 2 days, picking the top 4 teams for the finals. The rest of the teams move on to the Grand Survival.

The last week of the PGC 2022 which from Nov. 14 will begin with a Grand Survival with a total of 19 teams- 12 teams from the Losers Bracket 2, 7 teams from the Losers Bracket 1, and 3 teams from the Losers Bracket 1 will be on the waiting list. The 16 teams in the grand survival get the final 4 chances to battle it out to become the last team standing. The team winning the Chicken Dinner will advance to the Grand Finals.

After a short break, the Grand Final begins from 17-20 Nov and will challenge the teams to fight each other and claim the throne of victory. Five matches will be played each day for 4 days and the team who manages to acquire the top rank in the leaderboard will be announced as the new champions of the PUBG GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2022.

Where to watch the matches of the PUBG Global Championship 2022

To watch the tournament online visit the official Youtube and Twitch channels of PUBG Esports. The matches will be also live streamed on their regional streaming channels in regional languages. 

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