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PETRICHOR ROAD” crowned as champions of the ASIA region of PUBG continental series 4

PETRICHOR ROAD” crowned as champions for the PCS4 ASIA
PETRICHOR ROAD” crowned as champions for the PCS4 ASIA

PUBG Continental series was a Global event that provided three weeks of esports action and display of serious gaming talent. This time there were more matches and more importantly a bigger prize pool. The continental series was divided into 4 regions – (Asia, Asia Pacific, Americas, and Europe). The Asia region consisted of 4 countries- Korea, China, Japan, and Chinese Taipei. The Asia region tournament took place over these dates (12-13th June, 19-20th June, 26-27th June). 6 matches were played daily and after a total of 36 matches, the winner was decided. Team “PETRICHOR ROAD” crowned as champions for the ASIA region of PUBG continental series (PCS4 Asia) 2021.

The total prize pool of the PUBG continental series 2021 was 1 Million dollars, which was split equally among the 4 different regions of the tournament. As a bonus, a total of 30% of PUBG net sales of PUBG continental series 4 items were to be distributed among the participating teams respectively.

Team PETRICHOR ROAD who were crowned ASIA regions champions received a total of 53,000$ + crowdfunding for the squad from China. They displayed a mind-blowing performance as a team during the entire tournament. Team PETRICHOR ROAD earned 200 points towards the PUBG Global championship later this year. Player Aixleft from team PETRICHOR ROAD was the top fragger (Most kills) of the tournament and received a 5000$ cash prize. Aixleft and his teammate Ma “MYL” Yunlong were also featured in the – PCS team earning them an additional 2500$ as a cash prize for their extraordinary performance during the tournament.

PCS4 Asia The final Top 3 with points and prize money were as follows:

  •  Petrichor Road – $53,000
  •  GPS GHIBLI – $25,000
  •  KaiXin Esports – $23,000


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