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PEL Season 2: Nova XQF Crowned Champions, Overall Standing and more

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Last day of the finals of the Peacekeeper Elite Season 2, i.e., the PEL 2020 S2, finished up with Nova XQF climbing the table to the main position and crowned as PEL Season 2 Champions. The competition began on 20th August and till 23rd August. This (Peacekeeper Elite League) occasion is the greatest competition of Game for Peace (the Chinese variant of PUBG Mobile), and the best 15 groups were fighting for the title and prize pool.

The last day of the PEL 2020 S2 began with Six Two Eight dominating the main game with 12 kills, as STE Shan Zhi scored 8 kills and packed away the MVP title for the game.

Yi Qi Lang (YQL) secured the second match with 14 freaking kills, with YQL GeZi accepting 6 kills MVP title.

Team Game dominated the 3rd match in Erangel with 10 kills.

The last match was quite a flashback of Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019, in which the last match of last day was grabbed by Nova XQF and named the title by moving to 1st position from 3rd. Similarly, Nova Xqf dominated the last game of the competition in a sink or swim circumstance to secure the title.

Royal Never Give up(RNG) also played tremendously to secured 2nd position(183 points), they were on the main spot till the final match. 4 AM grabbed 3rd spot with (166 points).

Overall fan-most loved player, Nova Paraboy, likewise won the Terminator and MVP grants at the PEL 2020 S2.

Nova XQF won 1000000 yuan (144,435 USD), followed by Royal Never Give up (400000Yuan or 57,774USD).

Overall Standing after the final match as follows :

  • 1. NOVA XQF – 191 points
  • 2. Royal Never Give Up – 183 points
  • 3. Four Angry Men – 166 points
  • 4. Six Two Men – 155 points
  • 5. YQL – 153 points
  • 6. LK Gaming – 136 points
  • 7.  Qing Jiu Club – 135 points
  • 8.  LGD Gaming – 122 points
  • 9.  Team Game – 119 points
  • 10. All Gamers – 110 points
  • 11. ACT Gaming – 101 points
  • 12. The Chosen – 97 points
  • 13. AgFoxBlack – 96 points
  • 14. Tianba – 87 points
  • 15. DKG – 83 points
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