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PEC 2020 : Match Wise Result ,Overall Standing, Kill Leaders after Day 1

PEC 2020
PEC 2020

The first day of Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 has been concluded, this is one of few International tourneys which is set to be held offline in City of Shanghai. The Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) 2020 will happen on Nov. 14 and 15. Total 15 teams from around the world will be competing for a share of the ¥12,000,000 (about $1.8 million) prize pool. Four matches will be played per day.

At the first match of day 1, Nova-XQF took Chicken Dinner with 8 kills defeating RNG (Royal Never Give Up) in the final circle, in the match of Miramar. Nova-XQF Paraboy emerged as MVP.

PEC 2020

PEC 2020 Day 1 Result

The second Match also held in Map of Miramar. Nova-XQF again went for Chicken dinner sweeping 4 AM in the final circle with freaking 16 kills. Nova-XQF Order crowned as MVP for 2nd match of Miramar.

The third match occurred in the classic map of Erangel after 2 back to back Chicken dinner by the Chinese team, this time Tempo Storm from North America region dominated the map of Erangel with massive 13 kills. Tempo Spec was MVP of this match.

PEC 2020

PEC 2020 Day 1 Result

The fourth match was conquered by 4 AM with 11 kills. 4AM33ssvan was MVP of this map of Erangel.


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