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PCS5: How to earn in the Pick’em Up Challenge and more about PUBG Continental Series 5

PCS5: How to earn in the Pick'em Up Challenge and more about PUBG Continental Series 5.

PCS5: How to earn in the Pick’em Up Challenge and more about PUBG Continental Series 5. PUBG, one of the biggest battle royale games has never been behind anyone in terms of giving the users new content. And now again all the PUBG ESports fans and PUBG players are having a chance to get some free rewards. The PUBG Pick’em challenge is back along with some brand new PCS5 eSports items to earn and purchase. PUBG is a Multiplayer and Battle Royale game that was released back in 2017 by Krafton.

PUBG Continental Series 5: Every Detail about the PCS5 Earning in Pick’em challenge.

PCS5 aka PUBG Continental Series is back along with some new PCS5 sale items. These items will be available for sale to the player until the 30th of September. By purchasing PCS5 items you will also get up to 14 voting coupons. You can use these coupons in the Pick’em Challenge Events. The users can even obtain free voting coupons by watching PCS5 Livestream.

Now the interesting part is that each purchase you made is directly supporting the PCS5 Teams. 30% of the net sales will go right back to them via equal distribution and the prize pool. So, undoubtedly this is one of the best ways to get cool stuff and support your favorite PCS5 teams while doing that. And the best part is that the coupons that the users will get will help them earn even more.

PUBG Continental Series 5: Pick’em Challenge events

  • Pick the winner- The first event in the Pick’em Challenge is the ‘Pick the Winner’ event. In this challenge, you will need to vote for the team you think will win from every region. If that team becomes the winner of that region, you will get 100,000 ep to spend on the Esports shop. Moreover, this means that you will have a chance to earn 400,000 ep to spend in the Esports shop.
  • Team Faceoff- In this event, you don’t need voting coupons. However, in this event the audience will need to vote for the team that they think will win among the two rival teams. This event will give you chance to earn from over 400 to 7600 ep for the Esports shop.

The audience will also get a chance to win free ep and voting coupons through the stream. In the stream, a random code will appear at any time on the screen and if you’re fast enough to redeem it you’ll get the reward. To get more info on the teams, tournament, or more. You can head over to the PCS5 Esports tab. That said, make sure to watch the streams and vore for your teams, and have fun in the PCS5.

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