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Paytm First Games partners with Riot Games to bring TFT tournament in India

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Paytm First Games an esports gaming platform has partnered with Riot games to bring India’s first Teamfight Tactics mobile tournament. Being the first platform, Paytm First Games is India’s leading gaming destination has announced the Teamfight Tactics mobile tournament starting from 17th June. Registration for the tournament has started from 9th June and will be a 5 days long tournament that will conclude on 21st June 2020. A total of 512 players will compete to win a prize pool of Rs. 75,000/- in this first edition of the tournament.

Since this is the first-ever competitive tournament for the Indian players that aspire to start their esports journey in this particular game. The Paytm First Games will act as a helpful platform for them to sharpen their skills and gear up for upcoming official events.

Paytm First Games is an all in one app platform for gaming and entertainment played by over 4.5 crore Indians. The application allows you to play games and win Paytm cash daily.


Sudhanshu Gupta, COO, Paytm First Games said, “We continue to stay committed to our mission of bringing world-class gaming experience to our users and this partnership will help us to move a step ahead in this direction. This Teamfight Tactics tournament will be the biggest one ever organized in India in terms of prize money and participation. We are going to live with it in the next 2 days and hope to expand our partnership with Riot soon.”

Riot Games South Asia’s Publishing Head, Sukamal Pegu said, “Namaste India. We are extremely proud to partner with PFG to bring TFT to where it matters most to us at Riot, which is our players. We have great plans for India considering that we have just started our journey on mobile this year. Our relationship with India is just starting and we will work hard to constantly delight our fans and players here.

Presently, Paytm First Games has been exploring various games and is committed to bringing the world’s best esports tournament for Indian players. Recently, PFG esports organized Clash Royale tournament which saw over 11,000 registrations, making it India’s biggest eSports tournament ever.

About TFT

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto battler game developed and published by Riot Games. The game takes place in the League of Legends universe and is based on Dota Auto Chess, where players compete online against seven other opponents by constructing and optimising team compositions to be the last one standing. The mobile version of Teamfight Tactics released for Android and IOS in March 2020 as a standalone game. It has emerged as the top contender in the genre, with 80 million players globally since its launch, providing a fun and deep chess-like gameplay experience for all types of players on multiple platforms.

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